Open Source Radiation Training

Training Overview

ALL persons working in a laboratory in which open sources of radioactive materials are used must complete initial radiation safety training and annual refresher training. The requirement applies to all researchers in an Authorized User's lab, even those who do not use radioactive materials and are not likely to enter the radioisotope area. It does not apply to laboratories in which only sealed or plated sources are used.

Radiation safety training for open-source users at Murray State University has the following components:

  • A set of web-based Radiation Basics modules with an accompanying test. Participants must successfully pass the Radiations Basics Test. The Radiation Basics modules and test can be viewed any time at the Modules web page found below.

ALL persons who work in a laboratory in which radioactive materials in open-source form are used must take the test.

Radiation Basics Modules

There are six computer-based training modules:

  1. Radiation Properties

  2. Background Radiation and Other Sources of Exposure

  3. Biological Effects

  4. External and Internal Dose Limits

  5. Government Regulations and the Radiation Safety Program

  6. Radiation Monitoring

These modules provide information on the following topics:

  • the basic characteristics of radiation, including the properties of various radioactive emissions

  • half-life

  • radiation units

  • natural background and other sources of radiation exposure

  • the biological effects of radiation exposure

  • the risks of radiation exposure

  • rules and regulations

  • the administration of the radiation safety program at Murray State University

  • annual radiation dose limits

  • the ALARA Philosophy

  • when radiation dosimetry is required and when it is not

  • the Declared Pregnant Worker Program

Radiation Basic Exam

After reviewing the six modules, print and complete the exam. A copy must be sent to the Radiation Safety Officer, Office of Environmental Safety and Health, 615 Gilbert Graves Drive, Murray KY 42071.

Completion of this test does NOT certify you to use radioactive materials.

Radiation Open Source Exam

Radiation Safety Manual


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