Call Boxes

Emergency Call Box

Emergency call boxes on campus

Murray State University has equipped the campus with emergency call boxes. Emergency call boxes are directly linked to the Department's 911 Dispatch Center where a dispatcher will respond to the call and dispatch an officer. When activated, the dispatcher will immediately know the call box location. The emergency call box, when activated, allows you to talk directly with the dispatcher. You should state the emergency, medical or other type. Unless you are at risk, wait at the call box location for the officer to arrive. If you must leave the call box location tell dispatcher where you are going and go to a location where people are located. It is important emergency call boxes only be used for true emergencies.


  • Stewart Stadium Lot Southwest (Southwest side of the stadium)
  • Stewart Stadium and Racer Driver (At the bottom of the hill at the corner of Facilities Management and Stewart Stadium Parking Lot)
  • Stewart Stadium SE (Southeast side of the stadium parking lot)
  • Stewart Stadium Round-About (Southeast side of the intersection of Gilbert Graves and the Round-About)
  • Stewart Stadium Rear Lot, South (Southwest corner of the Stewart Stadium)
  • Stewart Stadium/Racer Drive at the Basketball Courts (by the basketball courts on Racer Drive)
  • Elizabeth College (By east side door)
  • Hart College (By the south doors)
  • Hester College (By the east side main doors)
  • Regents College (by front main doors)
  • White College (by front main doors)
  • Business Building (East side of the building under the breezeway)
  • New Fine Arts (Northeast Corner)
  • Wells Hall (Northeast Corner by the Health Services office)
  • Wilson Hall (Northwest side of the building)
  • West Farm-Student Barn (Center aisle inside barn)
  • Bill Cherry Expo Center (inside west staging area)
  • West Farm Rodeo Ring (east side light pole)
  • Hamilton Field (center fence line south pole)
  • Wellness Center Southeast (southeast corner)
  • Wellness Center Northeast (northeast corner)
  • Wellness Center Northwest (northwest corner)
  • Wellness Center Southwest (southwest corner)
  • 14th and Payne Street (North side of the intersection in Regents Parking Lot)
  • Carr Hall, Northwest Corner (Northwest corner of the Carr Hall)
  • New Franklin Hall (In front of the front main doors) 
  • Lee Clark Southwest (Southwest Corner)
  • Lee Clark Southeast (Southeast Corner)
  • Lee Clark Northeast (Northeast Corner)
  • Lee Clark Northwest (Northwest Corner)
  • James Richmond East  (East side of Richmond)
  • James Richmond Northwest (Northwest Corner of James Richmond)
  • James Richmond Southwest (Southwest Corner of James Richmond)
  • Heritage Hall (Southeast Corner of Heritage Hall)
  • CFSB Practice Arena (East side of the practice area)
  • Curris Center North Parking Lot (North Parking Lot near the circle)
  • Woods Park (Northwest side of the park behind Waterfield Library)
  • Equine Indoor Riding Rink (East side of Equine Riding Rink by the garage door)

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