Homeland Security




  • Do all actions at lower levels

  • Listen to radio and TV for information and instructions

  • Report any suspicious activity to law enforcement

  • Maintain contact with your workplace or instructor

  • Follow any travel advisories or restrictions

  • Always be prepared to “shelter in place” if told to do so

  • Respond to a location as a volunteer only if requested



  • Do all actions at lower levels

  • Report any suspicious activity to law enforcement

  • Go over your personal disaster plan

  • Use caution when traveling

  • Review “shelter in place” procedures

  • Respond to a location as a volunteer only if requested



  • Do all actions at lower levels

  • Report any suspicious activity to law enforcement

  • Review emergency supplies

  • Review any emergency telephone contact list



  • Be prepared to offer volunteer assistance

  • Do all actions at lower level

  • Report ant suspicious activity to law enforcement

  • Organize an emergency telephone contact list

  • Check for volunteer needs in the community



  • Put together an emergency supplies kit

  • Review emergency preparedness plans for your workplace, residential college, or home

  • Do you need training – first aid, CPR, etc.


Murray State University and the Police Department are dedicated to making your college experience both rewarding and safe. In the years preceding September 11, 2001, American communities as well as university communities seemed to feel unreachable, at least from terrorism. We believed our country was far removed from the reaches of violent attacks. This proved a false security and our lives were changed forever. In post 9/11 days we have come to learn the price of a free society. We have also learned there are certain precautions and preparations to be made in the event of further violence. Today law enforcement not only views international terrorism as a threat, but just as potentially threatening is domestic terrorism. Potential threats to rural university campuses comes in a variety of packages including the 'homegrown' variety.

To make your university campus as safe and secure as possible the Police Department uses a variety of tools to detect, deter and respond to threats. Local law enforcement partners together to provide a framework to gather and pass-on information and if necessary engage in a measured response to stop aggression directed at the university community. The Department is constantly looking toward prevention of terrorism acts. Officers constantly problem-solve to make the campus more secure. A critical element in the total strategy to have a safe environment must include students, faculty and staff. Murray State University relies on every member of the university community to work toward making the campus safe and secure from outside threats.



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