Bauernfeind Chair

The Arthur J. Bauernfeind Endowed Chair in Business/Investment Management

Current Chair:  Dr. David Durr

The holder of the Arthur J. Bauernfeind Chair will lead and enhance existing efforts of the College of Business in various entrepreneurship/partnership areas.  These include the Executives on Campus Program where business owners and managers from area businesses are invited to speak to students on campus on business and industry realities.  Also included is the Faculty Externships under which the Bauernfeind Chair will lead and coordinate efforts for faculty short-term attachments to companies in an effort at bridging the gap between what they teach and corporate realities, thereby ensuring that our college continues to fulfill the needs of business by graduating students with the requisite diagnostic, communications, technology and cross-cultural skills that are relevant to success in the business world. 

These initiatives will not only lead to innovative business practices but also to a closer working relationship with existing area businesses and entrepreneurs.  This, in turn, will lead to enhanced opportunities for job creation, revenue growth, and an improved standard of living for West Kentuckians.

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