Presidential Research Award

The Research Policy Committee (RPC) juries this award. The award is highly competitive. The committee may disqualify any or all proposals it deems not worthy of funding. Applicants must be full-time faculty, professional staff, or administrative faculty and must be engaged in research, scholarship, or creative activity that results in a significant contribution to their professional field. Awarded in even years.

2020  Christopher A. Craig  
2018* Juyoung Song  
2017 William Rusty Jones  
2016 Duane Bolin Bommanna Loganathan
2015 Kevin Miller  
2014 Terry Derting  
2013 Alexey Arkov  
2012 Maeve McCarthy Paul Walker
2011 None chosen  
2010 Scott Locke Bommanna Loganthan
2009 Haluk Cetin  
2008 Squire Babcock  
2007 None chosen  
2006 Maeve McCarthy  
2005 Gina Claywell Howard Whiteman
2004 Joseph Fuhrmann Stephanie Rea
2003 Duane Bolin Peter Murphy
2002 Stephanie Carpenter Renee Fister
*Biennial Awarding Begins


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