Units that Report to the Provost

Office of the Registrar
Ms. Tracy Roberts

Center for Adult and Regional Education
Mr. Dan Lavit

University Studies

The Office of Research and Creative Activity
Dr. David Pizzo

Education Abroad
Ms. Melanie McCallon Seib

Service Learning
Ms. Shawna Thomas

Peace Corps Prep
Ms. Shawna Thomas

Associate Provost
Dr. Robert Pervine

Graduate Admissions

Domestic Graduate Recruitment and Retention
Mr. Matthew Jones

Faculty Development Center
Ms. Firm Faith Watson

Sponsored Programs
Mr. John Roark, Jr.

Center for Computer and Information Technology
Mr. Michael Ramage

Institutional Review Board
Mr. Jonathan Baskin

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
Ms. Kristi Stockdale

Research Policy Committee
Dr. Rebecca Pender Baum 

Honors College
Dr. Warren Edminster

Commonwealth Honors Academy
Dr. Randall Black

Academic Deans

Arthur J. Bauernfeind College of Business
Dr. David Eaton, interim

College of Education and Human Services
Dr. David Whaley

College of Humanities and Fine Arts
Mr. David Balthrop

College of Science, Engineering and Technology
Dr. Claire Fuller

Hutson School of Agriculture
Dr. Tony Brannon

School of Nursing and Health Professions
Dr. Dina Byers, interim

University Libraries
Ms. Ashley Ireland

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