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In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, the Pride List is released on October 1st each academic year.  The Pride List represents the network of support that surrounds our LGBTQ+ community here on campus. Administrators, faculty members, staff members, students, alumni and even community members sign the Pride List to demonstrate their allyship and/or pride in an effort to lift up students who may feel alone or unseen. The Pride List also celebrates the students who have found the space and support to live vibrantly and authentically. It is important that students know that they have a campus community willing to embrace them as they are.

This year we are emphasizing the messages of Murray State Alumni who navigated our campus as LGBTQ+ students, many of whom served as officers and founders of the first LGBTQ+ focused student organization, Alliance. Others walked our campus before such a network of support existed. This list is dedicated in their honor and in celebration of the history of LGBTQ+ growth and activism on Murray State's campus.

You can still sign the Pride List for 2023 to add your name to the celebration!

Joyce Day

"During my time at MSU, I experienced a deep sense of isolation as an LGBT+ individual. Throughout my student years, I did not have the opportunity to connect with any other individuals who shared my identity. I’m so glad to see that the current environment at Murray State has undergone significant changes since then. It's important for current students to be aware that they have a strong support system in place, not only among their peers but also within the Alumni community."

Joyce Day2002, Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems
Steven Taylor

"I came to Murray State University straight out of high school, overwhelmed, and alone. As I learned more about myself and how I relate to the world thanks to liberal arts education, I found that working for a common cause creates a community of friends and comrades. I benefited from the labors of Alliance, allies, and activists before my time, and I am honored to think that our work made students after us feel more welcomed and more more secure. The message we amplified comes from our past, into your present, and into all the future generations of Racers: Whoever you are and whatever good you seek to do in the world, at Murray State University you are among supporters and friends."

Steven Taylor2008, Sgt at Arms Emeritus
Rachel Loomis

"I am proud to be a Murray State Alumni, and an alumni and ex-President of the Murray State Alliance. During my time at MSU I saw great strides in LGBTQ acceptance across campus. I was proud to preside over some of those advancements during my time spent serving the community, and I am glad to know that current and future students are thriving in an environment that makes it safe for them to be their authentic self. That is all early Alliance leaders like myself wanted. It is my hope that Murray’s LGBTQ community and campus community at large continue to find the acceptance and support they need to succeed, both in school and in the wider world."

Rachel Loomis2011, Alliance President
Shamike Stiles

"I graduated from Murray State University in 2016. At the time of admission, I was struggling with homelessness due to challenges at home. Homelessness is an all too familiar struggle among Queer youth. Thankfully, my high school science teacher encouraged me to attend college to secure housing. Student organizations like the MSU Alliance and Women’s Center helped me find my voice through various forms of leadership during a chaotic and transitional time in my life. Both organizations gave me support and a community when I needed it most. As a student, I not only learned to advocate for my community, but I also learned to advocate for myself. I am so thankful to return as an Alumni and see the work the MSU Pride Center is doing. When I was a student, the Alliance gathered in any and every corner of the MSU campus to find safe spaces. Thanks to the MSU Pride Center, Queer students now have dedicated space to find community and feel affirmed."

Shamike Stiles2015, Alliance President


Pride List

  • Abby Hensley

    Abby Loring

    Abigail Cox

  • Abigail Phelps

    Abigail Storey


  • Alexander Ebling


    Ali Hendley

    Alison Brown

    Alison Bullen

    Amanda Kaler Combs

    Amanda Moyers 

    Amanda S. Mansfield

    Amanda Sadler 

    Amber B. DuVentre

    Amber Mathis 

    Ambrozy Przygoda

    Amelia Owen 


    Angie Trzepacz

    Ann Beck

    Ann Gosser

    Ann Johnson

    Ashley Ireland

    Audrey Neal

    August Phelps

    Ava Chuppe


    Aviva Yasgur

    Axl Nowlin

    Bek Schmidt

    Bentley Utgaard

    Bethanie Bailey 

    Billy Goddard

    Brandi Stout

    Brandon Kiser

    Braun Oldenkamp

    Brent A. Menchinger

    Brian Bourke 

    Brigid Kunzler 

    Brittany Wood

    Brittney McWaters


    Cameron Sena 

    Carrie McGinnis

    Casey Johnson

    Casey Rowe

    Catie Bates Robertson

    Chad Gaylord

    Chaka Burress

    Charley Allen-Dunn

    Charlotte Goddard

    Charlotte Saltsman

    Chris Trzepacz

    Christian Barnes

    Christina Marks, Realtor -Elite Realty

    Christine Lindner

    Christopher Baker

    Christopher Mecklin

    Christy Watkins

    Claire Layne 

    Cody Martin

    Colleen Anderson

    Corey Ipock

    Courtney Roberts

    Crystal Dillard

    Dana Thompson


    Danielle Nielsen

    Dara Miller

    David Pizzo

    David Sye

    David Whaley


    Dena Weinberger

    Devon Cooper

    Dixie Lynn

    Don Robertson

    Donna Comer Pursifull

    Dr. Amy McCann

    Dr. Antje Gamble

    Dr. Ashley Shoupe

    Dr. Diane Nititham

    Dr. Elise Kieffer

    Dr. Grace Eder

    Dr. Katharine Loughney

    Dr. Kelly Taylor

    Dr. Laura Sullivan-Beckers

    Dr. Laura Sullivan-Beckers

    Dr. Lori Roe

    Dr. Lucas Hall

    Dr. Maribeth Crawford

    Dr. Nikki Gaylord

    Dr. Rebecca Williams

    Dr. Robin Zhang

    Dr. Rusty Jones

    Dr. SG Carthell

    Dr. Tana Field

    Dr. Tina Bernot

    Dr. Todd E. Hill

    Ed Thome

    Eli Pitcock

    Elijah Winebrenner


    Elizabeth Donovan



    Entropy Cramer

    Ever Roberts

    Fera Tyree

    Francis Grefer

    Gray Hawkins

    Guinevere Hester 

    Haley Poynter

    Hanna Scott

    Hannah Barney 

    Hannah Saad

    Heather Gardner 

    Heidi Ortega 

    Hudson Reed 

    Hudson Wells

    Hunter Barrows 

    J'Lissabeth Faughn

    Jaden Mock

    Jake Davis

    James Morgan

    Jeff Wylie

    Jen Garrett

    Jen Robertson

    Jenilee Crutcher Williams

    Jenni Todd

    Jennifer Earls

    Jennifer Henley

    Jessica Baker

    Jessica Evans

    Jessica Weatherford

    Joanne Guns

    Jodi H

    Jodi Hanneman

    Joe Hedges

    Joel Perkins 

    Jonathan Hueftle

    Jordan Brock

    Jordan Garner

    Joyce Day

    Joyce Whitney

    Julian Lamson

    K8 Allen

    Kaci Merrick

    Kai Lumbley

    Kailyn Andrews

    Kala Allen-Dunn

    Kate Herrmann

    Katherine Farmer

    Kathy Callahan

    Katie Kriesky


    Kelly Taylor

    Kelsey Johnson

    Kenny Clayton

    Kim Vigil

    Kore  Seelentag


    Krista Kimmel 

    Kristen Oakley

    Kristy Calman 

    Kyle Johnson

  • Lacey Latimer

    Lacey Schultz

    Laura Sullivan-Beckers


    Lauren Couch

    Lauren Ervin

    Leah Rullman

    Lennon Mitchell 


    Lexi McDowell

    Libby Gerdes

    Lily Cohoon


    Lissa Bennett

    Lissa Graham

    Lissa Graham-Schneider

    Liv Lothamer

    Liz Hammonds

    Loralei Burress

    Lori Barrow

    Luca Colburn Schaefer-Knight

    Luca Wiley 

    Luna Gamblin


    MacKenzie Rogers

    Madison Hobbs

    Maeve McCarthy

    Maleah Buckner 

    Mallorie Snider

    Marc Polizzi

    Maria Dodson

    Marie Young


    Mary K

    Mary Tripp Reed

    Matt Purdy

    Matt Shultz

    Matthew Allen

    Megan Smetana 

    Melanie McCallon Seib

    MeLissa Cooper

    Mia Cary, DVM

    Michael Bordieri

    Michael S.

    Michaela Garske

    Michele Curd


    Michelle Panchuk

    Michelle Sorrell Fight

    Mike Gowen

    Milo D

    Morgan Hocking

    Morgan Randall

    Natalie Moore

    Nehanda Buczek-Langham

    Nicole Hand

    Nikki Gaylord

    Olga Koulisis

    Olivia Guess

    Olivia Hancock

    Olivia Hritzkowin 



    Paige Moran

    Paige Rainbolt 

    Pamela Parker

    Pat McCutchen

    Peg Munke

    Peggy Whaley

    Prof. Gwendolyn Paradice 

  • Rae Butler

    Ray Horton


    Rebecca Billington

    Rebecca Dyer

    Rebecca M. Rosen

    Rebecca Pender Baum

    Rebecca Perry

    Rebecca Wylie


    Reigh Kemp

    Richard Cruce

    Richard Willett

    Robert G. Donnelly, Jr.

    Robert Scott


    Robin Zahrndt

    Robyn Pizzo


    Rosie Mensinger

    Ruth Lawlor

    Sam P.

    Samir Patel


    Sarah Williams

    Shamike Stiles

    Shea Porr

    Shyann Royalty

    Sidda Roche


    Sparrow Davenport

    Springer-Franklin RCC

    Stacey Lee Paschall Mills

    Stephanie Carlson

    Stephanie Fulcher

    Stephanie Rea

    Stephanie Schaaf

    Steven Guns

    Steven Taylor


    Taivion Sanders

    Tamela Darnell

    Tana Field


    Teresa Hill

  • Terri Grief

    Terri Hernon

    Terry Derting

    Tessa Bradley

    Timothy Hanley

    Tom Waldrop

  • Tori

    Torii Doran

    Travis Plunkett

    Trey Book

    Tyler Swim

    Tyler W.

    Tyreke Jenkins

    Valerie Ernstberger

    Vanessa Lyons

    Virginia Kelley

    Wendy Longworth

    Will Kemp

    Woody Leslie

    Zacharie Lamb

    Zachary Burton

  • Zyial


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