Pride List

In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month and our diverse Racer family, the Pride Center is proud to release the 2022 Pride List. We are honored to have the support of administrators from across campus alongside our students, staff, faculty, alumni and community members who make this initiative so special. Pride List signatures represent LGBTQIA+ Racers who want to share their pride and allies who want to make their support known to the campus community. 

If you did not get to sign the Pride List it is not too late! We will continue to collect signatures throughout the month of October. Sign the 2022 Pride List today!

Notes from University Leadership

A note from Dr. Bob Jackson, Murray State University President

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Dr. Bob Jackson

In recognition of LGBTQ+ History Month and in support of our Racer family, I am proud to take part in the 2022 Pride List.  At Murray State University, we are committed to a campus community that welcomes and embraces all individuals as their authentic selves.  

The Pride List is just one way to shine a light on the diversity that makes Murray State University a special place to call home. 

Thank you to our campus members who have taken part in this effort.  


Dr. Bob Jackson, President

Murray State University

A note from Regent Tom Waldrop, Murray State University Board of Regents

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Regent Tom Waldrop

Since the fall of 2021, I have been honored to serve as an appointed member of the Board of Regents of Murray State University. Let there be no doubt about how important our LGBTQ+ Racers family members are to the vitality of our University community. Go Racers!


Regent Tom Waldrop
Board of Regents, Murray State University

A note from Dr. Robertson, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Dr. Don Robertson
Dr. Don Robertson

I am very pleased to participate in this year’s Pride List Program.  The Pride List is a very visible and powerful statement of Murray State University and the Division for Student Affairs’ commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.  It serves as a welcoming  message to all of our LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff. 

We are committed to providing a welcoming and accepting community for all so everyone can reach their full potential and have the best possible experience at our University.  Thank you to everyone who participates in this important project.

Don E. Robertson
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

A note from Dr. Carthell, Executive Director, Office of Multicultural Initiatives, Student Leadership and Inclusive Excellence

Dr. SG Carthell
Dr. SG Carthell

Dear MSU Community:

The Office of Multicultural Initiatives, Student Leadership & Inclusive Excellence, values a diverse campus community. Our priority is to provide a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment for our students, as reflected in the MSU Community Commitment. We value the four principles of our Community Commitment which are:

  1. Accepting one another.

  2. Learning from one another.

  3. Creating an atmosphere of positive engagement.

  4. Challenging racism, discrimination, phobias & biases.

We are committed to providing inclusive programs, services and activities for all students enrolled at the institution. Our overarching goal is to infuse the ideals and values of the Community Commitment in the every fabric of our institution. Continued support of LGBT Programming and the Pride Center is key to this effort.

Dr. SG Carthell
Executive Director  of Multicultural Initiatives, Student Leadership & Inclusive Excellence

A note from Abigail Cox, Pride Center Director

Abigail Cox
Abigail Cox, Director

As the Pride Center Director, it is my privilege to meet our amazing students who are stepping into their authentic selves and striving for success here at Murray State. They are my constant reminder to believe in the power that we each hold as individuals to positively impact the world around us. When they see the Pride List, my hope is that they know and sense that the campus community is for them and they are encouraged to continue pursuing their goals. 

Thank you to each person who has taken time to be a part of our 2022 Pride List. Your participation and your messages of support have been meaningful!

Abigail Cox (she/her/hers)
Pride Center Director

A Note from Ellie McGowan, SGA President and Student Regent

Ellie McGowan, SGA President and Student Regent
Ellie McGowan, SGA President and Student Regent

As the Murray State University Student Government Association President, it is my honor to represent and serve our incredible student population. The Murray State University Pride List is a testament to Murray State’s lifelong commitment of acceptance, love, and belonging for all members of our Racer community. As a student here, you are cherished and valued for who you are, and the 2022 Pride List serves to welcome students and connect them to faculty, administration, and their peers.

Our Murray State Family would not be complete without you in it. It is my hope that here you will find true values of acceptance and inclusion and that you will seek endless opportunities within it. If Student Government can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Shoes Up and Go Racers!
Ellie McGowan
Murray State University SGA President & Student Regent

Pride List

  • Abigail Cox

  • Abigail Phelps

    Abigail Storey

    Adam Blair

    Alena Ackerman

    Alex Bush

    Alex Fortner

    Alexa Wesley

    Alexandra McDowell

    Alexis Schmidt

    Alexus DeVaul

    Alexus Keeling

    Ali Hendley

    Alison Brown

    Allison Wood


    Ally C.

    Amanda Kaler

    Amanda Mansfield

    Amanda Moyers

    Amanda Sadler

    Amber Mathis

    Angie Trzepacz

    Ania Boutin

    Ann Johnson

    Ashley Ireland


    Ava Chuppe

    Bec Cahoe

    Bek Schmidt


    Bentley Utgaard

    Beth Bailey

    Bethany V

    Billy Goddard

    Blake Kennedy

    Braden Braden

    Brandi Stout

    Brandon Kiser

    Brandyn Murray

    Brent Menchinger

    Briah Cook

    Brigid Kunzler

    Brittany Wood

  • Brittney McWaters

    Bryan Floyd

    Cadence Birdsong

  • Cam Sena

    Candace Vance

    Carly Rutzler

    Carrie McGinnis

    Casey Johnson

    Casey Rowe

    Catie Bates Robertson

    Charley Allen-Dunn

    Charlie Saltsman

    Charlotte Goddard

    Chris Trzepacz

    Christina Baker Marks

    Christine Lindner

    Cindy Barnett

    Clark and Megan Hendrix

    Colleen Anderson

    Collin Williams

    Corey Ipock

    Dan Lavit

    Dani Hayman

    Dena Weinberger

    Deonte Turnley

    Devon Cooper

    Dionte Berry

    Dixie Lynn

    Donna Pursifull

    Dr. Amy McCann

    Dr. Bob Jackson

  • Dr. Cindy Clemson

    Dr. Diane Nititham

  • Dr. Don Robertson

  • Dr. Grace Eder

    Dr. Kimberly A. Bellah

    Dr. Lucas Hall

    Dr. Rebecca Williams

    Dr. Robin Zhang

    Dr. SG Carthell

  • Dr. Tana Field

    Dylan Fox

    Ed Thome

    Eli Pitcock

    Elise Kieffer

    Elizabeth Donovan

    Ember Goetia

    Emily Smith


    Erin Passmore

    Everette Mosley


    Frances Grefer

    Gavin Lane Johnson

    Grace Defelice

    Gwendolyn Paradice

    Hailey Bryan

    Hannah O'Daniel McCallon

    Heather Gardner

    Heather W

    Helen Roulston

    Hunter Barrows

    Jake Hicks

    Jake Janssen

    James Beauvais

    James Harrison

    James Morgan


    Jeanna Keltch

    Jeff Watson

    Jeff Wylie

    Jen Garrett

    Jenilee Williams

    Jenni Todd

    Jesse Siegmund

    Jessica Evans

    Jessica Weatherford

    J'Lissabeth Faughn

    Jodi Hanneman

    Joe D. Hedges

    Jonathan Hueftle

    Jordan Brock

    Joyce Striano-Day

    Joyce Whitney

    Jules Lamson



    Kaeleigh Morris

    Kala Allen-Dunn


    Kate Allen

    Kate Berryman

    Katherine Farmer

    Kathy Callahan


    Katie Hart

    Katie Walker

    Kayla Murphy

    Kelly Taylor

    Kelsey Johnson

    Kendall Bagley

    Kerrie Pullen

    Kevin Elliott

    Kim Johnson

    Kim Newbern

    Kim Vigil


    Kristy Calman

    Kylie Hall

  • Lainie K. Krumenacker

    Laura Liljequist

    Lauren Ervin

    Leah Rullman

    Leigh Stanislaw

    Lennon Mitchell

    Lissa Graham

    Liv Lothamer

    Lori Barrow

  • Lori Roe

  • Luca Schaefer-Knight

    Luna Gamblin

    Lynx Hensley


    Madison Fugate

    Maeve McCarthy

    Maggie Garlanf

    Marc Polizzi


    Marie Young

    Mateo Lallave

    Mattie Austin

    Melanie McCallon Seib

    Melissa Cooper

    Michael Bordieri

    Michael Parks

    Mily Rodriguez

    Missy Van Epps

    Morgan Hocking

  • Mya Ferguson

    Natalie B.

    Natalie Hebert

    Nate Shepperd

    Nehanda Buczek-Langham

    Nicole Hand

    Oli Martin

    Olivia Greer

    Olivia Guess

    Paige Rogers

    Pamela Parker

    Pat J McCutchen

    Paula Waddill

    Payton Taylor

    Peg Pittman-Munke

  • Rae Butler

    Ray Horton

  • Rebecca Billington

    Rebecca M. Rosen

    Rebecca Perry

    Rebecca Wylie


    Reigh Kemp

    Richard Cruce

    Richard Willett

    Robert G. Donnelly, Jr.


    Rose Krzton-Presson

    Rusty Jones

    Ruth Lawlor

    Ryn Jenkins

  • Sam Habenstein

  • Sam Patterson

    Samantha A.

  • Sarah Hines

    Sarah Plank



    Shelly Baskin

    Sidda Roche

    Skyler Cook

  • Sloane

    Stef Stephans

    Stephanie Carlson

    Stephanie Fulcher

    Steven Guns

    Steven Taylor

    Susan Lawhead


    Sydney Hockensmith

    Tamela Darnell

    Taylor Emery

    Terri Hernon

    Terry Derting

    Tesla Like

    Tessa Bradley


    Tom Waldrop

    Torii Doran

    Travis Plunkett

    Trey Book

  • Tyler Bradley

    Tyler Swim

    Tyler Woods

    Valerie Ernstberger

    Wayne Shields-Hogue

    Wendy Longworth

    Will Payne

    Woody Leslie

    Zach McCarver

    Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Nu Rho Chapter




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