Things to consider

Please consider the following details when requesting a photographer or determining if you need to schedule a photographer:

  • Scope: How many images do you need?

  • Deadline: How soon do you need the photos?

  • Subject(s): What/who do you need photographed?

  • Source: Can you use existing photos from Photographic Services archives? Or do you need original photos taken specifically for your project? 

    To browse, view and download existing public Murray State photos taken by our department, please visit SmugMug. In order to access private photos or albums, please contact Mindy Wagner at

  • Use: How will the image be used (e.g., in a printed publication, on the Murray State web site, or for display, etc.)?

  • Size and Dimensions: What size should the image be when it is reproduced (in inches or pixels)? Does your publication or website require certain photos to be taken in a horizontal (wider) or vertical (taller) direction?

  • Scheduling: Please allow 10 business days advance notice when requesting a photographer. Provide the photographer with the date, time, and location of the event. Let the photographer know how long the event will last and how long the photographer will need to be there.

    Assignments with less than 10 business days must be granted an exception by the director. Assignments with less than five days notice will be considered “RUSH” assignments. Rush assignments are subject to not being scheduled if they interfere with other scheduled assignments, or work loads.

  • Timing: Is it necessary for the photographer to attend from the beginning to the end of the event, or do specific times need to be provided to the photographers for the photo opportunity? Please be as specific about timing as possible when making the initial request.

  • Set Up: Will there be an area where the subject(s) will have their photo taken with an appropriate backdrop? If not, please specify where the photos are to take place and if existing backgrounds/structures will be sufficient. A photo backdrop may be supplied by the BMC Office with advance notice.

  • Details: Make sure the photographer knows ahead of time who is to be photographed during the event and when. In relevant circumstances, please make appropriate announcements regarding the photo opportunities to the subjects/guests and provide specific directions as to where and when they should go to have their photo taken.

  • Accommodations: If your event occurs during a luncheon or banquet will a meal be provided for the photographer? Please make sure there is adequate seating in a convenient location for the photographer at your event.

  • Liaison: Please have an individual available to assist the photographer at the event should the photographer need help identifying subjects and resolving unexpected difficulties. This person should facilitate photographs of individuals, situations and groups that may not be obvious to the photographer.

  • Release Forms: For special photo projects or shoots where specific people are to be photographed, release forms are sometimes necessary. After printing and filling out the Murray State release form, have each subject sign and return the form before leaving the location. It is the responsibility of the respective department, office or organization to keep all signed releases on file.

  • Delivery: All photos will be posted on Murray State’s official Smugmug account by the deadline provided, unless otherwise instructed. You will be notified via email of the assignment’s completion and provided login information to access your photos.

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