Cooperative Education/Internships

AACSB Accredited

Internships are a great way to gain both experience and college course credit. Remember that internships can count for one business elective or elective within the management or marketing disciplines. Available pass/fail graded internship courses are BUS, LSC, MKT and MGT 488. Available letter-grade internships are LSC, MKT and MGT 489.

Internship jobs must entail at least 300 hours of work time, plus be in a paid position. If doing an internship during a semester, credits taken must not exceed 15 hours (i.e., the internship and four other three-hour courses maximum). The internship must be approved for credit by your department chair. After such approval, the process to sign up for an internship begins in the Office of Career Services.

For more information, please see further details in the Academic Catalog.

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