Art & Design

Note from the Chair

I’m very pleased to welcome you to the Department of Art & Design at Murray State University. Our department is located in the heart of the campus in the Price Doyle Fine Arts Building on the sixth and seventh floors, in the adjacent Old Fine Arts Building on the first floor, and in the Visual Arts Building next door. There are also student studios in a portion of Woods Hall (Buildings 44, 43, 36 and 48 on the Campus Map).

The MSU Department of Art & Design is a unique program, seamlessly blending a traditional focus on craftsmanship and skill development with contemporarily relevant approaches to art making, emphasizing conceptual thinking and theoretical underpinnings of artistic endeavors.

The educational experience we provide at MSU is different from that offered at many other academic institutions. The department prides itself on high-quality individualized instruction, focusing on the personal growth and the personal achievements of each student to ensure educational growth and success. All studios are well equipped with (a variety of equipment and tools) from time-proven traditional ones to contemporary ones, including a CNC router, laser cutter, and 3-D printers. Also, all students have 24/7 access to the studios, and (unlike in other undergraduate programs at MSU) all advanced students are provided with personal studio spaces, normally usual only on a graduate level.

Many students and parents ask, “Why study art?” and have concerns about the future prospects of our graduates. For some of the answers, please look at our special page dedicated to these issues.

I also want to invite you to take a few moments to explore our web pages and familiarize yourself with our program and degree options in more detail. Of course, I encourage you to schedule a tour or contact our department so you can also arrange a personal visit with me, our faculty, and staff for a tour of the department to find the answers to questions you might have.

Welcome to Murray; I know you will feel at home.


Zbynek “ZB” Smetana, Ph.D.



Department of Art & Design
604 Fine Arts Building
Murray State University
Murray KY 42071