Graduate Certificate in Research Design and Analysis

The Certificate in Research Design and Analysis is designed to complement traditional, disciplinary graduate and professional degree programs. The certificate program will enable students and professionals in fields like psychology, business, education, health, science, government, and technology to enhance their skills in collecting and analyzing data, interpreting and making decisions based on statistical methods and techniques, and applying data analysis tools to solving problems in a variety of areas.

Requirements for Admission

Persons who hold an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or professional degree or are currently enrolled in a graduate or professional degree program may apply for the Certificate in Research Design and Analysis program. Applicants must comply with the Murray State University requirements for Graduate Admissions in the current Murray State Bulletin

Research Design and Analysis Certificate Curriculum

CIP 42.2799

Total Course Requirements — 12-13 hours 

  • PSY 651 Correlational Research Design and Analysis
  • PSY 652 Univariate Research Design and Analysis
  • PSY 684 Directed Individual Study
  • and one course chosen from the following:
    • CIS 643 Advanced Business Analytics
    • ECO 680 Quantitative Methods of Economics and Business
    • ECO 685 Econometrics
    • EES 612 Remote Sensing
    • EES 621 Geographic Information Systems
    • MAT 667 Introduction to Time Series Analysis
    • OSH 637 Biostatistics and Probability
    • OSH 658 Introduction to Occupational Epidemiology
    • PSY 608 Applied Research Design and Analysis
    • PSY 655 Topical Seminar in Research Design and Analysis
    • PSY 688 Multivariate Research Design and Statistics

For additional information, contact:

Dr. Jana Hackathorn

Department of Psychology

212 Wells Hall, Murray, KY 42071

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