Accelerated 4+1 Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences

Bachelor of Science + Master of Science Accelerated (4+1) Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Accelerated (4+1) Program in Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) allows qualified students to complete requirements for a Bachelor of Science in EES and Master of Science in EES in five years (or 138 credit hours). The objectives for both degrees are those described in the Academic Bulletin. Students interested in the Accelerated BS+MS in EES should plan their coursework carefully in consultation with their academic advisor. In their third year, and upon completion of 60 hours toward the BS, qualified undergraduate students may apply for admission to this program by filling out a Statement of Intent to Enter an Accelerated Graduate Program and Graduate Credit Approval forms. (See Admission requirements described below.) Upon reaching senior status (i.e., when within 30 credit hours of completing their BS degree), students who have been accepted into the MS program may enroll in graduate courses in EES. Twelve (12) hours of graduate coursework in EES approved by the Graduate Coordinator, may count toward the requirements for a BS in EES. The BS degree will be awarded at the end of the fourth year, or when all undergraduate requirements have been met. The student will be awarded the M.S. in EES upon successful completion of 18 additional graduate hours, as well as any additional requirements as outlined in the Academic Bulletin. Admission to and enrollment in this program does not supersede University policies regarding tuition or financial aid.

Admission Requirements for the Accelerated (4+1) Program in EES

Qualified students will have:

  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 in EES Courses
  • Completed or be currently enrolled in EES 202, 301, 312, 336, and ARC 320.

Under exceptional circumstances, students falling slightly below one of the admission benchmarks may still be considered for conditional admission. Such students should consult with the department’s Graduate Coordinator and Chair. 

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