Graduate Theses


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Alfawzan, Amal Ahmed I Identification of Poverty Areas by Using Machine Learning Classification methods from satellite imagery in Buraydah City, in the Qassim Region of Saudi Arabia   Zhang
Risner, Lacy Colonial Markets, Consumers, and Trade: A Comparative Analysis of Historic Ceramics from The Bluefields Bay Area, Westmoreland, Jamaica Venter


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Elliott, Zachariah Comparison of Hyperspectral Imaging and Portable X-Ray Fluorescence in Ceramic Analysis and Sourcing   Ortmann
Stewart, Christopher L. Paleofloods and Landform Development Influence Carbon Storage in a Humid-Subtropical River Valley Stinchcomb


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Roberson, Philip A Quantitative Analysis of Astarte (Bivalvia: Astartidae) from the Pliocene of the Atlantic Coastal Plain   Casey
Ferguson, Benedict Valley Bottom Position and the Occurrence of Paleosols Affect Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics Stinchcomb


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Yang, Hongli    Habitat Modeling and Vegetation Mapping of Mammoth Cave National Park Using Lidar Data and Multispectral Imagery     Zhang


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Aljaddani, Amal H. Integration of Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Imagery and GIS Mapping and Analysis of Land Use Change in Jeddah City, Saudi Arabia Zhang
Knoth, Emily F. Aggradation in the Carbon River: A Case Study at Mount Rainier, Washington Kipphut
Pate, Michael A Spectral Reflectance Analysis of Soil Moisture Content Cetin


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Marshall, Tina R. Integrating In Situ Reflectance with Satellite Imagery to Determine Chlorophyll and Turbidity for Inland Waters Cetin
Martin, Jennifer Lambert Reconstructing the Geologic Environment at Tigre Dorado: a Saber-Tooth Cat Fossil Locality in Southwestern Kansas Homsey
Morshed, Md Niaz Application of Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques to Assess Land Use and Land Cover Change in Dhaka City, Bangladesh Yorke, Zhang


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Ajadi, Olaniyi A. Integration of Remote Sensing, Geographic Information Systems and Geophysical Techniques to Delineate Structures in the New Madrid Seismic Zone Cetin
Jenkins, Daniel R. Analyzing ACT Composite Scores in Kentucky Using GIS Hot Spot Analysis and Other Statistical Procedures Kipphut
Merrick, Trina L. Comparison of Multi Spectral and Hyperspectral Imaging and Classification Techniques for Mapping Sand Types on Perdido Key, Florida Cetin
Mohamed, Basma M. Modeling of Urban Sprawl in Austin, Texas Area Using Landsat Imagery Cetin


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Mills, E. Nicole Analysis of Prehistoric Archaeological Site Distribution Within Fort Campbell Military Reservation, Kentucky-Tennessee Homsey


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Gardner, Rebecca L. Modeling Archaeological Site Distribution in the Black Bottom of Illinois using Geographic Information Systems and Logistical Regression Homsey
Parish, Ryan A Chert Sourcing Study Using Visible\Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy at the Dover Quarry Sites, Tennessee Homsey


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Sharp, Herbert E. Mapping of Hurricane Katrina Damage in Southern Louisiana Using a Comparative Analysis of Change Detection Methods and Vegetative Indices Cetin


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Lankheit, Kevin M. Urban Change Detection Using Image Segmentation on Landsat TM and ETM+ Imagery of Cape Girardeau, Missouri Naugle
Robert, Manuel E. Matos A First Assessment of Stable Isotopes in Functional Feeding Groups in Ledbetter and Panther Creek Watersheds Kipphut


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Hill, Jason P. Analysis of Sedimentation in the Ledbetter Creek Basin: a Geormorphic Study Focusing on Delta Growth at the Confluence of Kentucky Lake Reservoir Kind
Pafford, John T. Nutrient Stress Detection in Corn Using Hyperspectral RDACS-3 Imagery Cetin


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Lambrix, Joseph M. Sediment Analyses: A Physical and Geochemical Investigation of the Benthic Region in Kentucky Lake Reservoir Kipphut
Perry, Lawrence G. Multi-Temporal Classification of a Portion of McCracken County, Kentucky Using Landsat Enhanced Thematic Mapper + Data and Canonical Correlation Analysis Naugle


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Davis, Christy Mapping Sediment Deposition in the Lower Reaches of Kentucky Lake Based on Historic and Contemporary Transects and Multivariate Regression Naugle
Durham, Whitney D. Creation and Analysis of a Map for the Civil War Battle of Johnsonville, Tennessee Using Historical Maps and GIS Techniques Carstens
Hunteman, Justin H. D. Analysis of High-Gain Landsat ETM+ Band 6 for the Prediction and Mapping of Chlorophyll-a in Kentucky Lake Naugle
Jeong, Hyeon Gang Predictive Capability of Landsat ETM+ Thermal Band in the Estimation of Land Surface Temperatures for the Same Seasons of Different Years Naugle
Keller, Sandy M. Comparison of Classification Techniques for Locating Outcrops of the Coon Creek Formation in Tennessee Cetin
Murphy, Amy E. Lithological Mapping of Canyon Lands, Utah Using Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery Cetin
Ngoroi, Daniel K. Integrating Object Oriented Analysis and High Resolution Image Classification in Impervious Surface Quantification Cetin
Turner, Gareth T. A Comparison of Change Detection Techniques Using Multi-Temporal Imagery in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area, Nevada Cetin
Wilson, Michael J. Using Geographic Information System (GIS) to Supplement Traditional Property Valuation Techniques in a Rural County Cetin


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Monroe, Jordan S. Comparison of Classification Approaches to Improve Grassland Classification Using Multi-Temporal Landsat TM Data Cetin


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Richard, Kenneth Total Suspended Solids, Turbidity, and Chlorophyll-a Relationships in Kentucky Lake Reservoir Defined with Monitoring and Remotely Sensed Data Naugle
Wong, Alexander (Wai Ka) Land Cover Mapping of Western Puerto Rico Using MODIS Airborne Simulator Data Cetin


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Bethel, Matthew B. Use of Vegetative Stress to Indicate Elevated Levels of Toxic Metals in Soil as Determined by Spectral Reflectance Measurements Cetin
Butrick, Jeremy A. Analysis of Noise Reduction Routines Applied to Landsat Thematic Mapper Datasets Naugle
Enander, Helen Evaluating the Use of Topographically Derived Variables for Forest Classification in Western Kentucky Kind
Rao, Matha Bhima Shankar Mapping of Total Suspended Sediments in Kentucky Lake Using Landsat TM Data Naugle
Richard, Heather H. Distribution of Carbon Dioxide and Methane in Kentucky Lake Reservoir: Seasonal, Spatial, and Long-Term Patterns Kipphut
Russell, Eric R. Accuracy Assessment of a Land Cover Classification in Fort Stewart, Georgia Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Data: n-Dimensional Probability Density Functions (nPDF) vs Supervised Maximum Likelihood Classification Cetin
Wenger, Sarah K. Determining the Effects of Petroleum on the Spectral Reflectance Characteristics of Winter Wheat Cetin


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Lovely, Janette S. Using a Geographical Information System to Evaluate Tourism in Western Kentucky Based on Geodemographic Characteristics of the Tourist Population Kind
Patton, Jason A. Analysis of Relationships Involving Kentucky Tar Sands and Conventional Oil Reservoirs Using Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing, Edmonson County, KY Cetin
Rahman, Mohammed Integration of Remote Sensing Data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to Detect Land Use and Land Cover Change Dynamics in Trigg County, Kentucky Cetin
Zahner, Howard M. Correction of Topographic Effect in Landsat TM Data Using Full Scene and Piecewise Regression of Pseudo-Illumination Models for an Area in Southeastern Kentucky Naugle



Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Bishop, Michael J. Investigation of the Multivariate Normality of ISODATA Training Statistics and Implications for the Resulting Land Cover Classification Naugle
Brehob, Leanne S. Estimation of the Development Capacity of a Small Lake Using Nonpoint Source Pollution and Limnological Models Kipphut
Brown, Kristin Artifact Distribution Analysis at the Wickliffe Mounds Archaeological Site Using a Geographic Information System Kind
Hallman, Christine L. Prediction of Potential Groundwater Pollution Sites in a Karst Area Utilizing Drastic, Drastic Modifications and GIS Kind


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Birdwell,Kevin R. A Climatology of Winds Over a Ridge and Valley Terrain Within the Great Valley of Eastern Tennesee Kind
Bomba, Patricia E. A Geographic Information System for the Development of Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Murray State University Kind
Bourne, Scott Analysis of the Topographic Effect in a Portion of Land Between the Lakes Naugle
Busby, Michael R. Modeling Available Labor in Western Kentucky and Surrounding Counties Kind
Kazwell, Jennifer L. Comparison of Two Non-Point Source Pollution Models Utilizing Geographic Information Systems Kipphut
Lobo, Max A. Integration of Remote Sensing Data and Geographic Information Systems to Implement the Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution (AGNPS) Model Kind
Spickler, Fredrick W. A Geographic Information System for Automated Emergency Response with Applications for Facilities Management Naugle


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Busch, Robert G. The Application of a Swamp Rabbit (Sylvilagus aquaticus) Habitat Suitability Index to a Portion of the Clarks River Drainage and Associated Wetlands in Western Kentucky Utilizing a Geographic Information System Kind
Wang, Wei Hydrologic Modeling with Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques Naugle


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Ali, Abdella An Application of a Geographic Information System (GIS) for Evaluation of Groundwater Pollution Potential using DRASTIC – an Empirical Assessment Methodology Naugle
Graham, William D. A Geographic Information System Examining the Topographic Effects of Tornado Formation and Path Characteristics for the State of Illinois Naugle
Lane, Natalie L. Nutrient Export Analysis of a Rural Catchment Utilizing Geographic Information Systems Kind
Morris, Lance G. An Application of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems to Hydrocarbon Exploration in South-Central Kentucky Whaley


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Edberg, Fred J. Reducing The Computational Requirements of the Maximum Likelihood Classification of Satellite Image Data through a 2X2 Texture Filter Naugle
Harrison, Jennifer Utilization of a Geographic Information System to Study Nonpoint Source Pollution Potential in a Portion of the Kentucky Lake Drainage Basin Kind
Lamm, Christopher P. Correlation Between Landsat-Mapped Lineaments and Geophysical Data Using Selected Regions of the New Madrid Fault Zone Kind
Ravelo, Patricia M. Geographic Information System-Based Watershed Erosion Analysis of Kentucky Lake Watersheds Kipphut
Wills, David R. A Rural Cadastre GIS Model for Commercial Property Assessment in Marshall County, Kentucky Kind


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Anderson, William J. A Methodology to Combine the ISODATA and Single Pass Clustering Methods for Classification of Landsat TM Data Naugle
Ertep, Serdar A. Comparison of ISODATA Algorithms Implemented in the ERDAS and MacLARSYS Image Analysis Systems Bartolucci
Feeney, Robert K. Determination of Turbidity in Kentucky Lake and West Point Lake Based on Coincident Sample Site and Landsat Thematic Mapper Data Naugle
Gano, Amanuel K. Topographic Effect Correction of Landsat TM Data by Piece-Wise Transformation Using a Hyperspherical Direction Cosine Model Naugle
Powell, Malinda W. A Geographic Information System for the Determination of Highly Erodible Land in the Hico and Rushing Creek Quadrangles of Calloway County, Kentucky Kind
Yang, Xiaomei Feature Reduction by Principal Components and Canonical Transformation Naugle


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Al-Hussaini, Abulrahman Effects of Radiometric Calibration, Bandwidth, and Solar Irradiance Normalizations of Landsat TM Data on the Performance of the ISODATA Clustering Algorithm Bartolucci
Beeler, M. Johanna A Geographic Information System and Groundwater Model for the Management and Analysis of Hydrogeologic Field Investigation Data Naugle
Jones, Jeanette M. A Geographic Information System and Land Management Plan for the West Kentucky Wildlife Management Area Kind
Scarbrough, Patsy W. A Geographic Information System and Lands Use Plan for the Kentucky Reservation Land Adjacent to Blood River, Kentucky Lake Kind
Teran, Angel R. Quantitative Analysis of the Land Cover Classification of Merged Landsat-TM and SPOT-MSS Data Using Supervised and Unsupervised Methods Naugle
Vichitbandha, Pichyarn Daniel Performance Evaluation of Per-Point and Contextual Classifiers During a Near-Drought Summer Season Using Landsat TM Data Naugle
Wen, Jian A Geographic Information System for Prioritizing Access Routes Between Specific Earthquake Affected Areas and the Source City of Bowling Green in Western Kentucky Weber


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Lashlee, J. David Statistical Analysis of Edge Components Associated with Geologic Linear Features Mapped from Landsat Thematic Mapper Data Naugle
Marocchi, Abdelaziz A Stochastic Model to Study Primary Productivity of Kentucky Lake Using a Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing Data and Field Measurements Lira, Naugle
Mueller, Gregory E. Image Processing of Landsat TM Data and a Geographic Information System Approach for the Mapping and Analysis of the Nazca Lines Bartolucci


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Li, Qiang Comparative Evaluation of a Single-Pass and an ISODATA Clustering Algorithms Using Simulated Multispectral Image Data Bartolucci
Lu, Jingwei A Microcomputer-Based Geographic Information System for Forest Fire Management Kind
Rushing, Victoria A. Detection of Potential Clay Deposits in Northwestern Tennessee Utilizing Numerical Analysis of Landsat Thematic Mapper Data Kind


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Cobb, Craig M. A Quantitative Comparison of an ISODATA and a Single Pass Clustering Algorithms Applied over a Simulated Multispectral Image Data Sets Bartolucci
Graham, Donald L. The Use of Computer Graphic Representations of Statistical Training Class Distributions as an Aid for Analyzing and Understanding Statistical Distance Measures Naugle
Li, Minna Modeling and Analysis of the Distribution of Disease and Crime in the Commonwealth of Kentucky Using a Georeferenced Information System Naugle
Major, Jeffrey D. The Use of Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) and Geophysical Data for Hydrocarbon Exploration in the Illinois Basin, Western Kentucky Usdansky


Student Topic Faculty advisor
Burris, Robyn B. Acreage Generation on a Small Area Basis from Satellite-Based Land Cover Classifications Naugle
Chang, Mao Atmospheric Effects on Landsat Thematic Mapper Thermal Infrared Data Bartolucci
Graves, Mark R. The Effect of Atmospheric Corrections on the Classification Accuracy of Landsat Thematic Mapper Reflective Data Naugle
Kreighbaum, David W. Utilization of Landsat Thematic Mapper Data for Structural Geologic Mapping in an Arid Region, Garfield County, Utah Usdansky
McGuyer, William C. Statistical Sampling for Assessing Land Cover Classification Accuracy Naugle


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Pearson, Randall S. An Analysis of Shuttle Imaging Radar-B Data, Landsat Multispectral Scanner Data, and Coregistered SIR-B/MSS Data for the Detection of Glacial Features in Western Lake County, Illinois Kind
Spillman, Thomas R. An Analysis of the Glacial Features of Eastern Morrow and Western Knox Counties, Ohio Using Landsat MSS Data Kind



Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Bower, Scott M. An Analysis of Data Sources for Predicting Runoff Using the Soil Conservation Service Curve Number Method: East Fort Massac Creek Watershed, Kentucky Naugle
Elder, Barbara L. A Study of Mine-related Surface Subsidence Features using Landsat Thematic Mapper and Seasat SAR Data: The Western Kentucky Coal Field Naugle
Hynes, Patrice J. A Shallow Water Carbonate Platform Classification using Landsat Thematic Mapper Data: Great Bahama Bank, Bahamas Weber
Steilberg, Susan L. The Use of Multitemporal Thematic Mapper Data and Principal Component Analysis for Landcover Classifications over a Portion of Fulton County, Kentucky Naugle


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Baumgarten, Diane M. A Comparison of Linears and Curvilinears Mapped from Digitally Processed Landsat Thematic Mapper Data to Faults Depicted on Geologic Maps: Wells Creek Structure, Tennessee Kind
Gesch, Dean B. An Analysis of the Utility of Landsat Thematic Mapper Data and Digital Elevation Model Data for Predicting Soil Erosion: East Fork Massac Creek Watershed, Kentucky Kind
Meier, Philip An Estimation of the Accuracy of Quantitative Drainage Basin Analysis from Landsat MSS Data--Kentucky: Mississippi Embayment, Eastern Coal Field Kind
Schmidt, Lane T. A Comparison of Classification Techniques Using Landsat Thematic Mapper and Multispectral Scanner Data, for Landcover Classification of a Portion of Calloway and Graves Counties, Kentucky Naugle
Spahn, Jane L. A Landcover Classification of a Portion of the Western Kentucky Coal Field Utilizing Multi-Temporal Thematic Mapper Simulator Data Kind


Student Topic Faculty Advisor
Shelby, Lynn A Comparison of Linears Mapped from Digitally Processed Landsat Data to Faults Depicted on Geological Maps: the Flourspar District, Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois Kind

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