Ed.S. Program

The Hutson School of Agriculture now offers an Educational Specialist degree in Agricultural Education, which allows students to pursue advanced course work in agriculture education above the master’s degree level that will seamlessly transition into the Ed.D. in P-20 & Community Leadership, with a specialization in Agricultural Education Option. The Ed.S. program will include 30 credit hours of coursework above the master's level. All courses for the proposed program are currently offered. The following courses are required for successful completion of this specialist degree:

ADM 900 – Clinical Practice I: P-20 Leadership (spring term)
ADM 910 – Clinical Practice II: P-20 Leadership (fall term)
AGR 627 – Modern Issues in Agricultural Leadership (fall, spring)
AGR 720 – Statistical Analysis and Design (fall, winter, spring, summer)
AED 735 – Qualitative Inquiry in Agricultural Education (summer term)
AED 900 – Trends and Advocacy in Agricultural Education (spring term)
AED 910 – Agriculture Education Stewardship in Practice (fall term)
AED 920 – Seminar in Agricultural Education Leadership (spring term)
AED 930 – Training & Presentation Development Strategies for Agricultural  Audiences (summer term)
AED 940 – Agricultural Education Supervision in Practice (fall term)


*Must have a 3.0 GPA and a Masters in Agriculture Degree to apply


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