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Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Science

The Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Science is now offered in both a traditional or 100% online format through Murray State University’s Hutson School of Agriculture.

Receive more than a degree. Receive an education that prepares you for a long-lasting and rewarding career in agriculture.

100 % Online Program Format Provides the Ultimate Convenience

Students pursuing an online degree in agricultural sciences are not limited by the time of day or days of the week  while pursuing  their degree. Work towards your degree at times that are most convenient for you.

Get Involved

Students pursuing their degree on the Murray campus can actively participate in countless organizations  including the Agribusiness Club, Collegiate FFA, Alpha Gamma Rho and many more.

Numerous Facilities Foster Student Research and Discovery

The Hutson School of Agriculture facilities are extensive and include classrooms, laboratories and offices housed on the Murray campus. There are also four farm complexes located within a mile of campus including three greenhouses, the Arboretum at Murray State, the swine lab and show pig unit, agronomy research and production plots, a beef unit, rodeo grounds, the West Kentucky Exposition Center, the Equine Center and the Agricultural Mechanization Instructional Facility/Farm Shop.

Seize Your Opportunity with Numerous Career Options

  • Precision agriculture technician
  • Agricultural extension agent
  • Agricultural service technician
  • Agricultural sales
  • Many other careers related to emerging technologies in agriculture

Take the Next Step Towards Pursuing Your Degree.


Ms. Katelynn Mollett
Hutson School of Agriculture

Sample Curriculum for Online Option

Course Credit Hours
University Studies Requirements 40 total hours
ENG 105 Critical Reading, Writing and Inquiry 4 hours
COM 131 Intro to Interpersonal Communication 3 hours
BIO 102 Introduction to Biology 3 hours
CHE 101 Consumer Chemistry 4 hours
MAT 140 College Algebra 4 hours
CIV 201 World Civilizations I 3 hours
HUM 211 Western Humanities Tradition 3 hours
AGR 353 World, Food and Agriculture 3 hours
POL 140 American National Government 3 hours
AGR 199 Contemporary Issues in Agriculture 3 hours
EES 199 Earth Science 4 hours
Elective: SOC 133, PHY 180 or FIN 230 3 hours
Agriculture Core Courses 26 total hours
AGR 100T Transitions (Freshmen Orientation) 1 hour
AGR 100 Animal Science 3 hours
AGR 130 Agriculture Economics 3 hours
AGR 133 Field Applications for Agriculture 2 hours
AGR 140 Plant Science 3 hours
AGR 377 Agriculture Safety 3 hours
AGR 199 Contemporary Issues in Agriculture 3 hours
AGR 339 Computer Applications for Agriculture 3 hours
AGR 345 Soil Science 3 hours
AGR 399 Professional Development Seminar I 1 hour
AGR 599 Senior Capstone 1 hour
Agriscience Technology Courses 24 total hours
AGR 436 Research in Agriculture 6 hours
AGR 433 Farm Management 3 hours
AGR 300 Animal Nutrition 3 hours
AGR 330 Principles of Agribusiness Management 3 hours
AGR 555 Advanced Soil Fertility 3 hours
AGR 379 Field Equipment Technology Management 3 hours
AGR Elective 3 hours
Agriscience Technology Emphasis Courses 21 total hours
AGR 488 Coop Education/Internship 3 hours
AGR 489 Coop Education/Internship 3 hours
AGR 539 Advanced Computer Applications for Agriculture 3 hours
AGR 571 Advanced Precision Agriculture 3 hours
AGR 586 Training and Presentation Development Strategies for Agricultural Audiences 3 hours
Electives 6 hours
Unrestricted Electives 9 total hours