Undergraduate Programs

The field of agriculture includes a very broad range of career objectives. Subject matter fields include plant science, animal science, soil science, horticulture, agricultural engineering, agricultural education, agribusiness and agricultural economics. Job opportunities are numerous, and students trained in general agriculture are in high demand. A brief list of agricultural positions might include plant breeder, soil scientist, soil conservationist, extension agent, sales representative, banker, agriculture teacher, nursery specialist, landscape designer, greenhouse manager, farmer, nutritionist, animal breeder, economist, forester, processor, food scientist and farm manager. Students with a general interest in agriculture come to Murray State University from varied rural and urban experiences. They have a wide range of interests and career objectives for employment in agriculture.

For more information please email msu.ag@murraystate.edu.

Undergraduate Course Descriptions
AED Undergraduate Courses (PDF)
AGR Undergraduate Courses (PDF)

Undergraduate Curriculums

Agribusiness Economics
Agribusiness Economics (PDF)
Agricultural Education
Agricultural Education (PDF)
Agricultural Systems Technology
Agricultural Systems Technology (PDF)
Associate Degree in Agriculture (PDF)
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (PDF)
Major in Agriculture (PDF)
Minor in Agriculture (21 hours of Agricultural classes with 6 of those hours at 300 level or above)
Agriscience Technology
Online BSA in AgriScience Technology
Communications/Public Relations (PDF)
Emerging Technology (PDF)
Environmental/Health (PDF)
Public Service Leadership (PDF)
Agriculture Technology (PDF)
Agronomy (PDF)
Animal/Equine Science
Animal/Equine Science Specialty Option (PDF)
Food Animal Emphasis (PDF)
Equine Science/Equine Management Emphasis (PDF)
Horticulture (PDF)
Pre-Veterinary Medicine
Pre-Veterinary Medicine (PDF)
Veterinary Technology
Veterinary Technology (PDF)
VTNE Three Year Pass Rate for Murray State University (PDF)