Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy


It is the vision of the faculty members of the Murray State University Respiratory Therapy
Degree Advancement program, as part of the Madisonville Community College- Murray State
University Consortium for Respiratory Education, to offer a degree advancement program that
enhances the knowledge, skills and professional attributes of respiratory therapists so they can
create a lasting, positive impact on the well being of patients, communities and organizations.


The mission of the Respiratory Therapy Degree Advancement program is to advance the
educational level of registered respiratory therapists so they can better meet the health care
needs of society, provide leadership in respiratory therapy, and contribute to the body of
respiratory therapy knowledge.


To provide graduates of entry into respiratory care professional practice degree programs with
additional knowledge, skills, and attributes in leadership, management, education, research,
and/or advanced clinical practice that will enable them to meet their current professional goals
and prepare them for practice as advanced degree respiratory therapists.

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Program outcomes

Upon completion of the program students will be able to

  1. Display professional and ethical behaviors that prioritizes the interest of those they serve.
  2. Demonstrate an enhanced level of knowledge related to the practice of respiratory care that is
    above that of entry into the profession.
  3. Demonstrate effective interpersonal and communication skills that result in effective
    communication with others in both written and oral communication.
  4. Develop a research project to assess an activity that will enhance the effectiveness of their
    clinical practice. This will include identification of a clinical question, review of relevant literature
    and assessment of literature for quality, relevance and limitations.
  5. Effectively lead a group of professionals to promote patient advocacy and or advocacy of the
  6. Effectively teach other professionals, patients and their families.

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