Admission Requirements

Admission policies for Registered Respiratory Therapy students

The Respiratory Therapy Degree Advancement program offers associate degree educated registered respiratory therapists an opportunity to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy (BSRT) degree.  The BSRT degree requires completion of 120 hours, 42 of which constitute the area of respiratory therapy.  Registered Respiratory Therapists may receive 12 semester hours of respiratory credit. Admission to the program is open to all students who meet admission criteria. Applications will be accepted according to the date the completed application is received. The program may admit up to thirty (30) students per year.

Required respiratory courses

Required respiratory courses with course descriptions are:

  • RTP 300 - Pathophysiology for Respiratory Therapists (3hr)
    This course is designed for practicing respiratory therapists to expand upon their existing knowledge of pathophysiology. An emphasis will be placed on common acute and chronic cardiopulmonary diseases, as well as comorbidities of these diseases.
  • RTP 301 - Interpersonal and Interprofessional Communication for Respiratory Therapists (3hr)
    This course will focus on the interpersonal and interprofessional communication skills of the respiratory therapist. Emphasis will be placed on interaction with the varied populations that are found in health care. Coursework will include both written and oral communication including therapeutic communication and conflict management.
  •  RTP 302 - Introduction to Research and Evidence Based Practice (3hr)
    This is an introductory course that will focus on the significance of research and its application to evidence based practice.
  •  RTP 303 - Chronic Disease Management Across the Lifespan (3hr)
    The course offers an introduction to chronic disease management and self-management of chronic cardiopulmonary disease using evidence-based practice. This course will include the pharmacology of medications related to chronic cardiopulmonary disease and associated comorbidities. The student will gain new knowledge in the use of cardiopulmonary diagnostics and monitoring. In addition, the course will introduce the student to writing measurable goals and evaluating outcomes associated with disease management.
  •  RTP 400 - Evidence Based Practice in Respiratory Care (3hr)
    This course will expand on the learner’s foundational knowledge of basic research and evidence-based practice. The course will examine and analyze quantitative and qualitative methods. Students will develop a scholarly work including cohesive structure, appropriate citations and referencing. Critical analysis of research studies is emphasized.
  • RTP 401 - Advanced Concepts in Respiratory Care (3hr)
    This course will explore the evolving role of a respiratory therapist as well as changes in therapeutic modalities in respiratory care. An emphasis will be placed on the role of the respiratory therapist in chronic disease management and advances in respiratory therapy for a variety of patients.
  • RTP 402 - Leadership, Management and Education for Health Professions (4hr)
    This course explores leadership and management at both the individual and organizational levels. The course will examine the various methods of leadership and management and their impact on the organization. Students will be asked to perform a critical analysis to determine their leadership styles. Students will gain knowledge of various leadership types and be asked to perform common skills of a leader within an organization budget management and data management. Students will explore how to facilitate professional development for diverse populations within an organization.
  •  RTP 403 - Respiratory Care Capstone (3hr)
    This capstone course provides an experience for the student to demonstrate mastery of respiratory care practice and document the synthesis of prior course work. Upon completion of this course, baccalaureate prepared registered respiratory therapists will have the foundation for scholarly activity.
  •  RTP 405 - Professional Development for Registered Respiratory Therapists (5hr)
    This course is designed to allow students to develop professional goals which are unique to their clinical practice. This course will provide students the opportunity to recognize gaps in their professional knowledge, earn professionally recognized certifications, and create a plan to reach professional goals that is based upon a commitment to excellence and ongoing professional development.
  •  RTP 404 - Respiratory Therapy Practice Credit  (12hr)
    This course will serve as a prior learning/experiential service credit course. An assessment will be made of previous educational and work experiences. Students will add this course during the semester they plan to graduate.

Admission into the Respiratory Therapy Degree Advancement Program is based upon:

  1. Completion of all admission requirements and acceptance by Murray State University.
  2. A grade of “C” or above in all required courses including transfer credit.  No course below a “C” may be transferred to Murray State University from another college and be counted for credit toward the BSRT degree.
  3. Successful completion of the following courses or equivalent: MAT 140, BIO 227 & 228, and BIO 229 & 230 (or equivalents).
  4. A grade point average of 2.0 or above.
  5. Contact with the BSRT program Director
  6. A current RRT credential from the National Board for Respiratory Care
  7. Where unusual or extenuating circumstances are indicated, the Program Director may admit a student who does not fully meet the above criteria.

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