Mission, Goals, Objectives


The mission of the MSOT program is to educate health science professionals at the graduate level in a positive and productive educational learning environment and prepare them to successfully pass the National Board for Certification of Occupational Therapy Education examination.  The Occupational Therapy program is dedicated to improving the health of society, providing leadership in the healthcare community, and contributing to the body of health sciences knowledge. Graduates of the program will impact the lives of clients they work with by using occupation to promote independence with activities of daily living and by helping clients lead satisfying and productive lives. This program will foster the student’s ability to promote occupational therapy in current and emerging practice areas. 

Program Goals

Graduate students who:

  • Demonstrate entry level knowledge of basic clinical skills essential to the practice of occupational therapy.
  • Provide scholarly contributions to the knowledge base of the profession through written and oral communication.
  • Implement occupational therapy services that maintain and promote health and wellness to diverse population.
  • Apply research to clinical evidence based practice.
  • Achieve success in fieldwork settings, the national board examination and become licensed to practice occupational therapy.
  • Participate in advocacy and educational roles with clients and their families, students, and others in the community and clinical setting.


  1. The Occupational Therapy program will graduate students that meet current health needs and result in productive employment for its graduates.
  2. The students and faculty will contribute to the body of health sciences knowledge through engagement in scholarly activities that result in publications, grants, and presentations.
  3. Faculty will promote, demonstrate, and expect high levels of professional and ethical standards through student participation in service learning opportunities.  

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