Accelerated and Traditional Routes

Traditional Route

The traditional route is for students that have earned a bachelor’s degree in any area from an accredited university. Applicants that have completed (or will complete prior to admission) all MSOT program requirements, including specific prerequisite coursework, are eligible to apply for MSOT program admission.

MSOT Traditional Sequence

Accelerated Route

The accelerated, or 3+2, route provides students an opportunity to complete a bachelor’s and master’s degree within five years. Only Murray State Exercise Science students that complete specific requirements* will be eligible to apply for the accelerated option. If accepted into the professional program, conferral of the bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science will occur after the fourth year of study and conferral of the MSOT degree will occur upon completion of all MSOT program requirements.

EXS Accelerated Route Course Sequence

If you are accepted into the MSOT program, you will begin graduate classes at the Paducah Regional Campus in the fall.

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