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Complete the application and establish residency status.

  • Read through the admissions information available online and in the current Academic Bulletin.

  • Be sure to check the academic department links for program-specific admissions requirements such as letters of recommendation, Graduate Record Exam, resume or vitae, copies of professional licensures, writing samples, etc.

  • Complete the online application.

  • Request transcripts.


OFFICIAL transcripts must be sent from EACH previously attended institution. Transcripts must be mailed or electronically submitted directly from the sending institution to MSU to be considered OFFICIAL. Faxed transcripts are not considered official. Transcripts should be sent to: Graduate Admissions, Murray State University, B2 Sparks Hall, Murray, KY 42071. Electronic transcripts may be sent to MSU transcripts do not need to be requested.

Required documents

  • Submit an official GMAT or GRE score report from Educational Testing Service in Princeton, NJ, if these tests are required for the desired program.

  • Submit a copy of valid teaching certificate if applicable.

  • If your name has changed since you last attended Murray State, you must fill out the Name Change Request form and submit documentation for name change. The name change request will not be processed without the required documentation. More than two forms of documentation may be required to establish the link from the original name to the requested name change.

  • Copy of Social Security card and one of the following* are required:

    • Marriage Certificate

    • Divorce Decree

    • Adoption Papers

    • Court Order

    • Driver’s License

    • Passport.

  • IF YOU ARE CLAIMING AL, AR, IL, IN, KY, MO or TN RESIDENCY, part of the application process, according to KRS 164.020(8), is to provide documentation of residency for tuition purposes. Therefore, you need to provide:

    • a copy of your current driver's license

    • a copy of your car registration

    • These may be sent along with your application. If additional documents are required, you will be informed. Be sure all copies are legible.

Other items that may be requested are:

  • a detailed letter sent directly from employer including address on record, date of hire, # hours worked

  • a copy of lease or deed

  • a copy of your KY tax return (# amounts may be blacked out). If you (or your spouse) are active duty military stationed in KY, submit a copy of your military ID and a copy of military orders showing permanent station.

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