Everyone has questions about moving into college. We've met with our student leadership and found that these were the most commonly asked questions about moving in and college life. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at leeclarkcollege@gmail.com.

What are the rooms like?

There are three types of rooms:  Double Rooms, Private Rooms, and Suites. Cable TV, twin XL beds, desks, and dressers are all offered in all of our rooms. Visit Clark's housing page for full details.

What amenities does Clark offer?

We have a TV lounge, kitchen, study lounges,common areas, ping-pong tables, pool tables, and much more!

What kind of sheets will I need to bring?

Twin Extra Long

Where will I be able to park my vehicle?

If you are a Freshman, you will have a purple tag and will have to park in the stadium parking. Starting Sophomore year you will qualify for a yellow tag which allows you to park up close to the building. Most Clarkians park around the building or in the tennis court parking lots across from New Richmond Hall.

Can I have visitors?

Yes! You are allowed to have 2 visitors at any time and they have to be checked in with your I.D. at the front desk. You have to be with these visitors at all times for safety reasons and respect for other Clarkians. Check with your RAs to see how many nights in a row someone may stay overnight.

Can I use the Ping Pong table?

Yes, of course! There are three ping pong tables in Clark. Two are located in the North Commons and one is in the 4th floor study lounge. They should not be moved by anyone other than staff and please do not lean on it or it may collapse! We want to keep them in good condition for years to come!

Can I park in the College Head parking space if there are no other spots left?

No! If you are parking in the College Head or RD parking spots, you will get a ticket. We have those spots for emergency purposes and you will get a larger ticket than usual for parking in them!

I got very homesick when I first came to Murray. Any advice on how to keep the blues at bay?

Get involved! I know it may be easier said than done, however there are numerous groups on campus and even right here in Lee Clark College that would love to have you. If you never leave your room, the blues are bound to get to you.

What is the best way to kick procrastination before it becomes a habit?

Make priority lists, get things done ahead of time so you have a lot of time to do all the things you want to do.

I hate that my roommate has no respect for me or my things. How do I solve this before it gets worse?

If you have a problem, your RAs are a great source of help. Every semester, your RAs will have you and your roommate(s) fill out a Roommate Contract which should cover any disagreements and help keep you both on the same page.

Murray isn't much of a party town. What can I do with my friends and still have fun?

There are tons of things on campus to do! Concerts and plays go on every week and Cinema International plays a free movie three nights a week at the Curris Center. There's a pool in the Wellness Center to swim in and numerous local food joints around town.

I am intimidated by my professor if I ask for help. Who can I go to for help with my classes?

There is free tutoring on campus to anyone who wants it.

What is the best way to get involved in sports on campus, without trying out for the real MSU teams?

Join an intramural team for Lee Clark. These teams play against other Residential Colleges and Greek organizations. There isn't any pressure in intramural sports. If you want to play, we'd love to have you! Click on "Intramural Sports" under the About menu for more information!

Where can I get MORE FAQs?

Download the FAQ PDF. It was compiled by First Year Leaders!

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