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The mission of the Murray State Residential College System is to provide engaging living-learning communities for the Murray State resident and commuter students. This is helped by the participation of faculty and professional staff. We promote student retention by providing living-learning communities which foster student involvement, competition, leadership development, and service... all while encouraging an appreciation for diversity and individual differences. In essence, we are building community through Diversity, Retention, Involvement, Leadership, and Learning.

Through activity participation, students get to work with faculty and administrators to help shape social and academic programming. We support philanthropic and volunteer programs that put students in contact with the community beyond the University. We commit to nurturing the development of self-sufficient, responsible freshmen so they may have a successful college experience ending with graduation.

Lee Clark's mission is to support one another, perform useful philanthropy projects, and to act as an important part of the Murray State community. Students work with faculty and staff in a nurturing and respectful environment to achieve our goals with excellence. We define excellence by:

  • Assimilating residents and commuters into the residential college system 

  • Providing an environment where members can establish friendships and enjoy a sense of family in a safe and healthy setting

  • Promoting academic success

  • Promoting faculty-student collaboration to strengthen the College, faculty-student friendships, and mentoring 

Our students, staff, and faculty work to pursue creative ideas for programming, encourage leadership through action, and commit to strengthening its spirit and traditions.

Crest, Mascot and Colors

Clark Crest

The student-designed flag based on the Clark family crest dates back some 400 years. The flag consists of a red cross on a gray background, providing four quadrants. Three of these bear a symbol that supports the motto of Lee Clark College: "Building Community Through Communication." In the bottom right quadrant is a yellow lamp representing knowledge. In the top right quadrant is a cross that symbolizes faith. In the top left quadrant is the Murray State University mascot, the race-horse. The bottom left quadrant was left open, as the early designers felt that later students would add their own symbol. The current mascot is the Crusader.

Traditions and Annual Events

One of the missions of the Residential College system is to foster the community of students, faculty, and staff. The Residential College Council (RCC) and Resident Assistant (RA) staff of Clark take this very seriously. Seldom does a week pass where there isn't’t a program, activity, or intramural game scheduled. As a Crusader of Clark, you are encouraged to take part in as many of these opportunities as you wish. While every RC offers several similar programs and activities, Clark hosts several unique, award-winning events:

Clark Olympics

Remember when you were younger, and your school would have a Field Day? It was a day of friendly, whimsical challenges, followed by a celebratory meal. This is a Field Day for adults. Teams made up of Clark residents and affiliated commuters compete in various events including Human Horseshoe, Sack Racing, Name That Tune, and the Tricycle Race! The Clark Olympics and banquet are always on a Saturday early in the fall semester as a way to get to know the other members of the Clark community.


Started in 2007 by a couple of Clark residents who just wanted to jam, Clarkstock has grown into the preeminent free music festival of the Residential Colleges. It is an all-day philanthropic event on a spring Saturday that brings several local bands together to provide music of all genres to the Murray State Community. It's a time to relax, play some volleyball or cornhole, and enjoy some grilled food with your friends before finals. It's a free event open to the public, but any donations and proceeds from fundraisers go to Mainstreet Youth, a local afterschool program for children in the larger Murray community.

Clark Arts Guild

The Clark Arts Guild is an open, collaborative group of students that enjoy exploring their creativity through various art projects. Members meet twice a month to produce personal works of art using a variety of media, while also serving as the aesthetic voice of Lee Clark Hall and providing design elements to our shared home. 

Clark Gamers Guild

The Lee Clark Gamers Guild is a community of individuals united by their common interest in gaming. Board or video, skill or chance, passive or active – all interests are welcome. Whether you are looking for an entertaining match among friends, or a competitive tournament against the other Residential Colleges, the Clark Gamers Guild is the group for you.


Save the date! The Thursday before Thanksgiving is Clark’s annual in-house celebratory meal, Clarksgiving. This is one of the few times each year where we come together to share a traditional Thanksgiving meal. This is also a philanthropic event for Clark College, as attendees are asked to bring canned or dry goods to donate to Needline, a local food bank that serves the larger Murray community.

S’mores N’more

Who doesn't’t like s’mores? Roasted marshmallows, melted chocolate, and crisp graham crackers combined into a delectable treat! There's no better place to make friends than around a fire pit making s’mores... so join your fellow Crusaders on the Clark lawn for make-your-own s’mores several times each year.

The Residential College

Lee Clark College is a four-story building comprised of 4-person suite-style rooms, 2-person rooms, and private rooms... as well as study lounges, two meeting rooms, one community kitchen, and a pool room. There are approximately 1,300 students assigned to Clark with about 300 actually residing in Clark College.

Visit Clark Residence Hall page for more information about living in Clark.


The residential college of Lee Clark was founded in 1996 and was named after the prominent farmer, businessperson and statesman Mr. Lee Clark, who was a very active board member for 17 years during the formative years of Murray State University. Since the mid-1990s, students associated with Clark College have initiated some great traditions that continue to this day. The student designed Clark's flag that is based on the Clark family crest dating back some 400 years. The flag consists of a red cross on a gray background, which provides four quadrants. Three of these quadrants bear a symbol that supports the motto of Lee Clark College namely. "Building Community Through Communication." In the bottom right quadrant is a yellow lamp representing knowledge; in the top right quadrant is a cross that symbolizes faith; in the top left quadrant is the Murray State University mascot, the race-horse. The bottom left quadrant was left open as the early designers felt that later students would add their own symbol to the flag.

Lee Clark students have over the years built a remarkable community in which to live and learn. Having fewer students in-hall than most other colleges has enabled Clark to build one of the finest living accommodations on campus. Clark cannot boast that they win all the academic and athletic accolades, but by the same token they rank high in whatever they participate in. Though Clark is listed among the smallest in-hall residents populations, we are certainly a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps one of our finest achievements is that most of our residents are happy to live in our community; a community that fosters positive relationships and offers an exciting and eventful place to learn.

Come experience Murray State University with the best Residential College on campus!

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