Personal Training

To get started with your personal training please fill out a request form. These forms can be found at the Wellness Center front desk. Once these forms are returned to the front desk you will be contacted by phone notifying you of your eligibility. Physician’s consent may be required.

Our Rates

A participant can purchase as many or as few sessions as he or she desires. The initial session will include a fitness assessment, consultation and, if time permits, a weight room orientation. Each additional session will be a designed exercise program with a personal trainer to help you stay motivated and reach your fitness goals. Sessions are 60 minutes in length.

  • 1 session for a student member: $20

  • 1 session for a non-student member: $25

  • 1 session for student buddy: $30

  • 1 session for non-student buddy: $35

Special notice:
Any individual acting in the fashion of a personal trainer must be hired through the Murray State Wellness Center. Personal training on the premises of the Murray State Wellness Center is restricted to the Wellness Center Personal Training Staff. Any individual found soliciting these types of services will be denied further access to these facilities.

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