Murray State University’s International Student Organization celebrates multicultural week

By Viola Torkornoo | May 5, 2021

Ghanaian team

Ghanaian team for Multicultural Week 2021

Japanese team

Japanese team for Multicultural Week 2021

Korean team

Korean team for Multicultural Week 2021

Pakistan team

Pakistan team for Multicultural Week 2021

Racers from four countries share their culture with other students at Winslow Dining Hall


MURRAY, Ky. Murray State University’s International Student Organization (ISO) celebrated multicultural week  the week of April 5-9 at Winslow Dining Hall. Racers representing four countries cooked traditional dishes from their respective countries to share with fellow students.

The event, hosted in partnership with Racer Dining, is an annual event that displays the rich culture of students from around the world. Unlike past years where the event was a multicultural night, this year’s event was a multicultural week. This change was made to accommodate the University’s health and safety guidelines in response to COVID-19.

This year, students representing four countries participated in the week-long event: Pakistan, Ghana, Korea and Japan. 

“We had fewer numbers of countries participating this year compared to previous years,” said Shrijana Tuladhar, ISO vice president. “We also had to restrict the number of teammates of participating countries that could be in the kitchen at a time to ensure health and safety protocols were observed. Organizing this year’s multicultural week was a bit different and challenging but the ISO, Racer Dining and Sodexo are glad we got to hold this event to bring people together amidst these challenging times.”

“Murray State University is proud to be home to international students representing nearly 50 countries,” said Tyson Manering, director of international recruitment. “Events like these help international students who are a long way from their families feel welcome in our university community. Also, it is a great opportunity for American students to learn about other cultures.”

“We hope that in the future, multicultural events become a grand celebration, with many more participants who will not only share traditional dishes with students, but also other aspects of their culture,” said Tuladhar.

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