Starfish Student Success Network

Let's Dive into Racer Student Success with Starfish! 

The Starfish Student Success Network is Murray State's holistic student success platform that supports student engagement and success through academic support, student self-service capabilities, increased communication, and stronger connections between faculty, students, advisors and support services.  

The platform allows students to view their schedules and grades, ask for help, and connect with their success teams. Faculty and staff can use early alerts, kudos and progress reports to make sure students stay focused in classes while advisors, student support staff and administrators can support students and their journey towards educational success.   

What Starfish offers faculty, staff, and students:

  • Quickly provide feedback on undergraduate and graduate students and help connect them with services

  • Raise Flags for areas of concern

  • Provide positive reinforcement of successful behaviors through Kudos

  • Submit progress reports on students in courses

  • Access useful information on your students on one screen

  • Easily share your concerns with the right people at the right time

  • Socialize the breadth of available interventions available on campus

  • Easily record outcomes on student meetings

  • Plus, students can raise their own flags if they are struggling academically, socially, financially, or personally through the "Raise Your Hand" feature.

How to Access Starfish

To access Starfish, log into myGate and find the link on the Teaching/Advising or Employee tab for faculty and staff or the Academics tab for students.  Starfish can also be accessed through Canvas for faculty and students.

Please contact the staff in Student Engagement and Success with questions or comments.

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