St. Stephen's Church

St. Stephen's Church in Land Between the Lakes

St. Stephen Church was overlooked when The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area was formed in 1963. It is the only church that remains standing at Land Between the Lakes. The building, which had been deteriorating, was authentically restored thanks to a renewed sense of community spirit in 2000. Volunteers used photographs and oral history to reconstruct the church.

Geolocation: ( 88 deg 3' 75" W, 37 deg 6' 00" N )

The drive to St. Stephen Church makes it all the more interesting. It is located in the middle of nowhere! The church's original access road was cut off by Lake Barkley. A new road was constructed to access the church and cemetery. However, this gravel road is very narrow, winding, and at times impassable. The road is approximately 2 miles long.


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