Business Discounts

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Business Discounts

  • The following discounts may be available to Murray State University (MSU) Faculty and Staff.
  • To receive the following discounts, it is important that you inform the vendor(s) that you are an MSU employee. This should be discussed at the time of initial contact and not after the service has been completed or product received.
  • Be prepared to show your MSU ID card as proof of employment.
  • Before making the purchase, be sure to confirm the offer is still valid. The vendor may cancel or change the discount at any time. If this is the case, please e-mail so we can correct it.
  • MSU does not endorse nor guarantee the services and products that are offered in the discount program. Discounts offered under this program are unsolicited.
  • If you know of a vendor that offers MSU employees a discount not shown below, please e-mail so we can add it to the discount list.

Available Discounts

Last updated: 7/8/2021

Business Name Contact Discount
Business Name Contact Discount

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