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Kay R. Hays Staff Professional Development Fund

The Kay R. Hays Staff Professional Development Fund will begin accepting applications in January 2023.

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The Kay R. Hays Staff Professional Development Fund was established to support professional development for Murray State University staff. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support for staff to actively pursue professional and career development as an integrated element of employment with the University, and to assist staff members in developing and enhancing skills directly related to their positions and job performance while promoting professional growth and supporting the mission of the University.

Applications are due by September 1 for Fall and February 1 for Spring.

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Applying for the Scholarship

Eligible Murray State staff members may apply by submitting the application below.

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Agreement for the Kay R. Hays Staff Professional Development Fund

The guidelines for the operations of the Kay R. Hays Staff Professional Development Fund are as follows:

  • The Kay R. Hays Staff Professional Development Fund provides financial support for professional development opportunities that enhance staff development at Murray State University.
  • Staff members are eligible to receive support based on the portion of funding needed for the desired professional development opportunity that is not fully paid for by their department or office. Applicants must provide details regarding department or office funding available for the requested professional development.  The selected individual(s) will choose either to use personal funds to cover the remaining balance, after which they will be reimbursed for the pre-approved documented expenses, or if their department or office will cover the expenses on their application and be reimbursed from this fund.  Professional travel is not subject to tax.
  • Eligible work-related professional development opportunities include, but are not exclusive to, a range of activities: eLearning, employee workshops, seminars, and professional conferences.
  • First preference shall be given to staff members who have never attended or received support from their department or office to attend any type of professional development conference, workshop, or training as it pertains to their job or area. Second preference shall be given to staff who meet the specified criteria and have completed the application process. Individual, department or office reimbursement may not exceed the cost of the approved professional development opportunity.
  • All applications will be evaluated based upon the following criteria:
    • Recipients shall have applied through the application process and must describe how the professional development for which funding is sought supports:
      • The employee's individual professional development plan;
      • Improving performance in the employee’s current position; or
      • Improving the employee’s qualifications for career opportunities that may arise within Murray State University;
      • A list of personal expenses as well as all department or office contributions for the intended professional development.
    • The amount of the award and number of awards provided shall be determined by the award committee. Priority of fund allocation will be determined using the eligibility criteria, the number of eligible applications received and availability of funds.

Revised September, 2022

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