Housing Accommodations

The Office of Student Disability Services is required to offer accommodations to students based on their disability. Most reasonable accommodations will need to be requested by the student each semester. Requests can be made through an interactive process between the student and an SDS staff member.

The Office of Student Disability Services also has Enhanced Services, called Project Pass, which students can choose to participate. By signing up for Project Pass (enhanced services), students are required to use all the services. Learn more about Project Pass.

Apply for a Reasonable Housing Accommodation

Students may apply for a reasonable housing accommodation at the same time they apply to live on campus (new applicants), or at the same time they renew their on campus housing assignment (returning residents). A reasonable housing accommodation request includes:

  1. completing a Reasonable Housing Accommodation Form and

  2. providing Supporting Documentation.

Requests cannot be processed until documentation is received. Acceptable documentation for all housing accommodations other than an Emotional Support Animal must be current (no more than three years old) and meet the following requirements.

Supporting Documentation

Documentation must:

  1. be a signed letter on professional letterhead

  2. be from the student’s medical or mental healthcare provider or licensed therapist who is not an immediate family member

  3. include a diagnosis of the individual’s disability

  4. contain a clear description of the current impact and functional limitations resulting from the disability

  5. include a statement supporting the student’s specific housing accommodation

Documentation may be submitted to the Office of Student Disability Services via:

Please note that students requesting a reasonable housing accommodation for the first time must include current supporting documentation.

Students renewing their housing accommodation request may be expected to submit current documentation annually.

Individuals requesting a housing accommodation related to a mental/emotional disorder (anxiety, depression, etc.) must submit updated documentation annually.

Students requesting an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) must submit an ESA Application/Documentation Form annually.

Common Housing Accommodations

Some common housing accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • an ADA accessible room/bathroom
  • a private room and/or private bathroom
  • an emotional support animal
  • first floor housing
  • a housing assignment on a quiet floor
  • climate-controlled room
  • permission to bring an additional refrigerator

Housing Disabilities Assignment and Appeals

For more information, please see Housing Disabilities Assignment and Appeals.

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