Student Disability Services (SDS) Testing Center

Students who are eligible to receive testing accommodations will need to:

  • Request their testing accommodations by submitting the SDS Testing Accommodation Request Form.  Students will need to submit this form each semester/term that they are requesting their testing accommodations.

  • If they prefer, students may also complete their SDS Testing Accommodation Request Form in person by visiting the SDS Testing Center on the 4th floor of Wells Hall.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the SDS Testing Policies and Procedures  Students are encouraged to review these policies and procedures each semester/term.  Please note that students are required to provide three business days’ notice before scheduling a test/exam/quiz.

Students are encouraged to contact the SDS Testing Center directly with any questions:

After registering

  • After receiving your SDS Testing Accommodation Request Form, our SDS Testing Center staff will prepare your accommodation form(s).

  • For each class you request testing accommodations for, your professor will receive an electronic copy of your accommodation form via email.  Your professor will need to respond/reply to this email to ‘sign’ and confirm receiving it.

  • You will also receive an email (via your Murray State email address) with your accommodation form.  You will also need to respond/reply to this email to ‘sign’ and confirm it.

  • Students are highly encouraged to also meet with their professors during office hours to discuss using their testing accommodations, and to contact the SDS Testing Center with any questions.

  • Once you and your professor(s) have acknowledged that you have received the accommodation form(s), you will then be able to schedule your test/exams/quizzes.


Students who are eligible to receive testing accommodations may schedule their tests/exams/quizzes with the SDS Testing Center by accessing the SDS Testing Center Scheduling Request Form. Students can schedule up to 2 tests/exams/quizzes at a time using the online form. For additional scheduling, simply submit another form. Please remember we request three business days’ notice before scheduling a test/exam/quiz.

SDS Testing Center Scheduling Request Formpreferred method.

Students may also schedule their exams:

  • By Email:
  • By Phone: You can call us at 270.809.3146.
  • In-Person: You can schedule in-person with one of our Graduate Assistants in Wells Hall 417 or 413, or with the Retention and Testing Center Specialist in Wells Hall 418.

Students enrolled in online/web courses are encouraged to schedule their exams through the SDS Testing Center the same way as they would if they were enrolled in a course that meets in person. Upon scheduling an exam, our testing center staff will send the student's professor a friendly reminder to include the additional time as part of the student's online exam.

Most often, students taking online exams can take their tests from wherever they would prefer. However, students may choose to schedule time to take their online exams in our Testing Center (if feasible). All of our testing rooms have computers with lockdown browser and webcam, which are required programs professors will often ask students to utilize while testing online. However, if a student decides to take their online exam from an alternate location (i.e., from their off-campus home, the library, their residence hall room, etc.), the student is responsible for creating their own distraction-reduced testing environment and ensuring that their computer/device meets the requirements of their professor.

Other Testing Options

For individuals without disabilities who may be looking at taking the National ACT, the ACT On-Campus (formerly the Residual ACT), LSAT, GRE, PRAXIS, TOEFL, CLEP and Accuplacer Exams, or other/similar professional assessments, please visit Murray State Testing.

For information about scheduling a comprehensive evaluation (psychoeducational evaluation), please contact either the Psychological Center (4th  Floor of Wells Hall) at 270.809.2504, or the Counseling and Assessment Center (3rd  Floor of Alexander Hall) at or 270.809.6305.




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