Accommodations and Services

The Office of Student Disability Services is required to offer accommodations to students based on their disability. View the full list of accommodations. Most reasonable accommodations will need to be requested by the student each semester. Requests can be made through an interactive process between the student and an SDS staff member.

The Office of Student Disability Services also has Enhanced Services, called Project Pass, which students can choose to participate. By signing up for Project Pass (enhanced services), students are required to use all the services. Learn more about Project Pass..

Testing accommodations for students

The SDS Office provides a quiet, distraction-free testing environment. Testing in our office also allows students to have extended time for exams. The following are guidelines to help everyone understand their part in the SDS Office testing procedure.

Scheduled exams are to be taken in our office at the same time as the class exam, unless there is a conflict with the student's schedule. When a schedule conflict occurs, an arrangement will be worked out between the student and the professor in advance. If an alternate testing time is necessary this information will be posted on the accommodation form that will be shared with the student and their professor.  The professor may discuss this with the SDS Office if they prefer a certain time.

The Responsibilities of the Students

  • It is the responsibility of the student to request their testing accommodations with the SDS Office each semester/term that they intend to use their accommodations.

  • After a student submits their SDS Testing Accommodation Request Form, our Testing Center staff will prepare the student’s accommodation form(s).
  • The student will receive an email (via their Murray State email address) with a copy of their accommodation form.  The student will need to respond/reply to this email to ‘sign’ and confirm receiving it.
  • The student is required to schedule their exams with the SDS Office at least three business days prior to having a test/exam/quiz.

The Responsibilities of the SDS Office

Once a test has been scheduled by the student, the SDS Testing Center Supervisor will email the professor to request that a copy of the exam be made available to our office.

Exams can be delivered:


  • The exam is sealed and locked in a filing cabinet until the time of the test.

  • We do not copy any exams without the instructor's permission.

  • The SDS Office will return the exam to the professor as soon as possible.

  • Some students need a reader (or scribe) during their exam. All readers (and scribes) are full-time staff members or graduate students. Undergraduate student workers DO NOT read (or scribe) exams to our students, nor do they work in the SDS Testing Center.

  • If you have more than one student taking the same exam, they will not be allowed to sit near each other.

The Responsibilities of the Professor

  • If you give pop quizzes, please notify us so we can make some type of arrangements.

  • We assume that all tests are closed book, closed note exams. If you allow open book, open note exams, please let us know.

Final Exams

Finals week is an extremely busy time for our office. We try to schedule these exams at least a week in advance to make sure everything runs smoothly during that hectic time. We appreciate your patience, cooperation and assistance during this time.

The SDS Office Policy on Cheating

We have a zero tolerance policy on cheating. If we suspect a student of cheating, we will gather up all notes and testing materials and return everything to you to take the appropriate action.


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