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The licensed mental health professionals in the Counseling Center are available to provide a variety of counseling services for Murray State students, including individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. Due to the high demand for our services, clients are seen on a biweekly basis unless they are currently in crisis and need to be seen weekly on a short-term basis. The Counseling Center is open 8 am-4:30 pm Monday through Friday whenever the university is open. We have a counselor on call 9 am-3 pm Monday through Friday during the academic year (11 am-3 pm during the summer) to meet with walk-in clients or help with crisis situations. All services are confidential and free of charge.

We offer both in-person and remote sessions, although both parties have to be within the state of Kentucky for the remote session, as we are not allowed to practice across state lines.

Emergency Information

In emergency situations after hours or on weekends or holidays, please call the Murray State Police at 270.809.2222 or 911.

 The following outside resources are also available for immediate assistance when the Counseling Center is closed:

  • Regional Crisis Line: 800.592.3980

  • National Suicide Hotline (this number is also on the back of your Racer ID): 800.273.8255

  • Crisis Text Line: 741-741

  • Lotus (formerly known as the Purchase Area Sexual Assault Center): 800.928.7273

  • TrevorLifeline (hotline for LGBTQ+ individuals): 866.488.7386

  • Trevor Textline: 678-678

Contact Us


Dr. Angie Trzepacz, Ph.D.

University Counseling Services


C104 Oakley Applied Science Building, Murray State University, Murray, KY 42071

Getting Started

Any student who is interested in counseling can email us at to request the link for the initial paperwork. These forms take approximately 30 minutes to complete, so don't start them until you have enough time to finish them. After we receive your completed forms, your case will be assigned to a counselor as soon as one is available, and they will contact you to schedule your first appointment.

If you cannot wait for an appointment and need to speak with someone right away, you are welcome to access our on-call counselors, who are available 9 am-3 pm Monday through Friday (11 am-3 pm during the summer).

**For help coping with the coronavirus, please visit Self-Help Resources or see the information below for the resources available through TAO Connect.

Common Mental Health Concerns in College Students and Important Resources

The following links have important information about the most common mental health issues that college students face. This information includes the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, what to do if you see these signs and symptoms in yourself or someone you know, and where to go for help. For information about on- and off-campus resources in Murray, click on "Campus and Community Resources" on the left side of the page. 

The JED Foundation

Half of Us

Top 5 Mental Health Problems Facing College Students

Common Issues

  • Adjusting to new situations
  • Depression
  • Managing stress
  • Homesickness
  • Anxiety, fear, nervousness
  • Poor anger control
  • Grief
  • Eating and body image issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Social issues
  • Family problems
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Crisis intervention
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Trauma recovery, as in situations of rape or abuse
  • Diversity and cultural issues
  • LGBTQ+ concerns
  • Self-awareness and self-care
  • Public Speaking Anxiety Management


Your discussions with your counselor and any paperwork you complete are treated confidentially by the Center. Your records are NOT part of your academic or administrative records. If you would like us to share any information with another person, another department on campus, or an outside agency, you must sign a written release permitting us to do so. No information will be transmitted to any other individual, agency, or department without your express permission, except as required by law to protect your safety or the safety of other individuals.

All staff members in the Counseling Center adhere to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) in addition to the ethical principles and codes of conduct mandated by their specific licensing boards.


We are located in Suite 104 in the Oakley Applied Science Building. Our building is across from John W. Carr Hall, between Blackburn and Old Fine Arts. We are in the center of the building, on the first floor.

Limitations Regarding Our Services

The Counseling Center does not perform court-ordered or court-mandated counseling or assessment. We also do not provide primary substance-abuse treatment.

The Counseling Center does not provide prescription services. If students are interested in pursuing a medical evaluation regarding prescription medications used to treat mental health issues, we will refer them to appropriate local medical providers, or we may encourage them to speak with their family doctor at home. Students are responsible for ascertaining whether their health insurance plans cover these prescription services.

The Counseling Center does not provide letters for students who are seeking Emotional Support Animals (also known as Comfort Animals). Students will need to find outside providers to write those letters.

Concerns About Other Individuals

If you would like to report concerns about other individuals on campus, please contact our Student Intervention Team using this link: SIT Report. The team's purpose is to collect, track, and evaluate reports from all parts of campus concerning students who may pose a threat to their own safety and/or the safety of others. Students and faculty can do their part by reporting concerns on the Student Intervention Team website. Please help us promote a safe and supportive campus.

Services for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff and their family members are eligible to receive free counseling services through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) offered through Human Resources. Employees can contact the Wayne Corporation directly at 800.441.1327 or visit the Wayne Corporation website. If you have questions, you can also call Human Resources at 270.809.2146 to ask about the services provided or the process to access them. Learn more information for Faculty and Staff.

Faculty and staff can also use the online resources available through TAO Connect.

TAO Connect

TAO Connect is a suite of online resources available to students, faculty, and staff.  Simply enroll using your Murray State email address

TAO (Therapy Assistance Online) includes over 150 brief, effective, educational sessions covering over 50 common topics and skills related to mental health, wellness, and substance use issues. TAO includes interactive sessions, mindfulness exercises, and practice tools all aimed at helping you achieve your goals.

Mission Statement

The mission of University Counseling Services is for trained professionals in the Counseling Center and in the Testing Center to provide services that enhance the well-being, growth, and development of Murray State students. Through mental health services, testing services, consultation, education, and advocacy, our offices work toward encouraging and upholding an inclusive and cooperative campus environment that promotes the individual success of all students.

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