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Murray State University has been providing economic and entrepreneurial supports services since 1981 and continues to so with the establishment of the Murray State University Center for Economic and Entrepreneurial Development (CEED). CEED is an outreach program for the Arthur J Bauernfeind College of Business and seeks to improve the economic vitality of the 24 western most counties of the Commonwealth through consulting, training and to both pre-venture and existing business and industry. Consulting services are confidential and at low or no cost. Training services are also at low or no cost. The center maintains at campus locations throughout university footprint in Paducah, Hopkinsville, Henderson and Madisonville as well as providing services to the Owensboro area.

Vision Statement:

To positively impact Murray State University student enrollment, internship, employment and student experiential learning opportunities through regional economic growth, workforce development, small business and entrepreneurial support.

Mission Statement:

To engage our regional stakeholders to create jobs, wealth and opportunity in the Murray State University footprint thereby creating community growth and prosperity leading to successful student recruitment, retention, experiential learning and employment opportunities.

The center will strive to assist regionally the business and industry, small business and entrepreneur partners seeking to open, strengthen, stabilize and expand their operations. This should have the intended impact of creating jobs as well as contribute to economic development and wealth creation. The center will house existing and future initiatives that support the academic and outreach imperatives of the university. We seek to establish partnerships with service providers from across the state as well as the nation which can assist the center in fulfilling its mission.

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