The program is compact enough to allow the dedicated student to finish in 15 months or in 3 semesters. There are seven core courses required by all. The three electives vary by the concentration a student chooses. Students can choose either the Business Analytics concentration or the Information Security concentration.  Students needing a broader exposure, may choose to go for a generic MSIS degree — seven core courses and three electives.

Degree plan

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Core courses

  • CIS603 - Project Management (3)
  • CIS609 - Data Management (3)
  • CIS645 - Artificial Intelligence Applications in Business (3)
  • CIS648 - Enterprise Resource Planning (3)
  • CIS650 - Software Development (3)
  • CYS601 - Data Communications and Networking (3)
  • CIS685 - Special problems (*new*) OR CIS688 - Graduate Internship in Information Systems (3) OR CIS695 - Comprehensive Project In Computer Information Systems (1 - 3) CIS685 is an option starting Fall 2024. Students will prepare — under an instructor —  for an industry-level certification exam. We are starting with topics on Amazon Web Services.
  • NOTE: Some students — especially in the 4+1 — program may have already taken the UG version of these classes (407, 543, 548). Please consult your advisor for suitable alternatives to the classes you have already taken.

Business Analytics electives

  • CIS623 - Introduction to Business Analytics (3)
  • CIS643 - Advanced Business Analytics (3)
  • CIS663 - Developing Analytics Applications (3)

Information Security electives

  • CYS615 - Information System Security (3)
  • and 2 courses from these:
    • CYS625 - Information Security Risk Management (3)
    • CYS640 - Incident Management and Business Continuity (3)
    • CYS645 - Information Security Program Management (3)
    • Other options may also be acceptable; consult your advisor

Some tools used in the program

  • SAP
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • MS SQL server

Important note (4+1 program)

This program can use up to 12 credits from the graduate program as undergraduate credit. HOWEVER, these 12 credits can ONLY be taken when you are 30 hours shy of completing your undergraduate degree. It may not be used to go above the 120 hours required for graduation (unless those hours are for REQUIRED equivalent classes). It is best that you give thought to this while you are a JUNIOR so you can delay taking some undergraduate classes.

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