The program is compact enough to allow the dedicated student to finish in 15 months or 3 semesters (assuming the student has the appropriate IT and business foundation). There are seven core courses required by all.  In addition, every student will choose (after consulting with the Program Director) three electives. The foundation courses are to be taken by those who lack business and/or Information Technology skills.

 Foundation courses

Advanced Programming in C# (CSC332)
Advanced Database Management Systems (CIS407)
Principles of Information Systems Analysis and Design(CIS317)

Accounting (ACC 490)
Statistics (CIS 343)


 Main Program

 Core courses
Software Methodologies (CIS650)
Decision Support and Expert Systems (CIS645)
Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence (CIS609)
Telecommunications Principles (CIS601)
Project Management (CIS603)
Quantitative Financial Controls (ACC604) and
Comprehensive Project in Computer Information Systems (CIS695) or Graduate Internship in Information Systems (CIS 688).

Choose 3 graduate level electives after discussing with the Program Director


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