The department and faculty get regular inquiries about support for graduate education. Financial aid in the form of assistantships (GA/RA) are very limited. These are extremely competitive and are awarded based on the need of the funding body as well as the capability of the student.

The CSIS department funds three graduate teaching assistantships that require the awardees to teach two lab sections of CSC199. In picking candidates, we look for fluency in language, confidence in presentation and knowledge as well as the ability to handle a large group of students (usually 65-70).

In addition, there may be research needs in other departments for statistical analysis, literature review, data entry and summarization etc. These awards, if any, are usually funded by a grant. 

You can also try the Graduate Students' page for some leads

Regardless, all interested candidates must have a resume ready and submit it along with the application form to the Office of the Dean, Arthur Bauernfeind College of Business. It is in your interest to keep the application updated with new information as it becomes available (phone number, email, GPA, new skills, etc.)

(Tip: Most assistantships go for people who can DO something with computers. These include setup, installation, networking, etc. Or, teach all aspects of Microsoft Office, create and manage web sites, build web applications, manage databases, administer servers, run statistical analyses, etc.)

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