TV Production Degree

The television production program provides extensive theoretical and practical experience in all aspects of digital video production. In addition to in-class lectures, this program gives students a chance to develop their skills in television production through scheduled labs and class projects. The program's objective is to turn out independent television producers who can compete for production management jobs within existing organizations or set up their own production companies as entrepreneurs.

Students majoring in television production may earn a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree. Students need a minimum of 120 semester hours, another major or minor, and completion of the university studies requirement for the appropriate degree. ACEJMC requires that students take 72 hours outside the department and no more than six hours of credit for internships/co-ops within the major.

Students are encouraged to work with MSU TV-11.

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TV Production Degree Curriculum

Required Courses (32 hours):

  • JMC 100T Transitions

  • JMC 168 Contemporary Mass Media

  • JMC 270 Basic Audio/Video Production

  • JMC 330 Mass Media Effects

  • JMC 336 Script Writing

  • JMC 358 Television Studio Production

  • JMC 369 Audio/Video Post Production

  • JMC 448 Television Production Operations

  • JMC 451 Television Field Production

  • JMC 455 Television Program Development

  • JMC 499 Senior Seminar

  • JMC 590 Mass Communication Law

Co-Requirements (6 hours):

  • CSC 125 Internet and Web Design

  • GCM 153 Electronic Imaging

Required Limited Electives (3 hours from the following):

  • JMC 322 Mass Media Study Abroad

  • JMC 384 Sports Media

  • JMC 385 Directed Individual Study

  • JMC 391 Public Relations Principles

  • JMC 394 Introduction to Advertising

  • JMC 398 Reporting for Broadcast and Online Media

  • JMC 400 International Mass Communications

  • JMC 426 Advertising Media Sales

  • JMC 440 Research Methods for Public Relations

  • JMC 596 Internship

Required Minor (21-24 hours)

Unrestricted Electives (11-20 hours)

Total Curriculum Requirements (120 hours)

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