Teacher Education Services


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected each of us in profound ways and on many levels. The inability of students to take the Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE), the Principles of Teaching and Learning (PLT), or Praxis specialty exam(s) these past few weeks has created a hardship for individuals in need of the CASE for admission to teacher education or the PLT and/or Praxis specialty exam(s) for their respective certification area(s). Fortunately, on Monday, April 13, the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB) took action to assist current student teachers who are preparing for their first teaching job, as well as students seeking admission to teacher education for initial certification.   

ETS is temporarily offering some tests that can be taken at home. For more information, please go to: ets.org/s/cv/praxis/the-americas/     If you choose this option,  you must list KYEPSB 7283 and MSU1494 as score recipients. Even if the test is taken in Kentucky, you must list KYEPSB 7283 as a score recipient. This is different from previous procedures where scores were automatically sent to the standards board for the state where the test was taken.

 Student Teachers

Current student teachers may be recommended for a one-year certificate if they have met certification requirements, lacking only the Praxis specialty exam(s) and/or PLT. If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Alesa Walker at awalker@murraystate.edu or 270-809-3768.

Candidates for Admission to Teacher Education

The EPSB will allow universities to grant students a one-time exception for a one-semester extension for admission to teacher education to enroll in courses with a prerequisite of admission to teacher education.

This exception is only approved by the EPSB for the fall 2020 semester. Furthermore, it only applies to students who have met all requirements for admission to teacher education with the exception of passing scores on all three sections of the CASE. Eligible students must also be on track to take one of the following courses during the fall 2020 semester: ELE 474, ELE 481, MID 395, SEC 420, SED 455, or EDU 480 (or its equivalent). Per the EPSB’s decision, all other requirements for admission to teacher education (e.g., prerequisite coursework, GPA of 2.75, admission interview) must be completed.

Again, it is very important to note that the EPSB granted institutions the ability to allow this one-time exception only for the fall 2020 semester. Students must successfully pass all sections of the CASE and be admitted to teacher education prior to continuing beyond the fall 2020 semester.

We understand that ETS is aggressively pursuing options for students needing the CASE. The best option is for students to take and to pass the CASE sooner rather than later so that there is no distraction during the practicum semester; however, should the one-time exception be needed, it is an option, provided all other requirements have been met.

To request the one-time, one-semester exception for fall 2020, please complete the online form available here: Request for one-time, one-semester CASE Exception. If you have further questions, you may contact Teacher Education Services at msu.teachereducationservices@murraystate.edu or 270.809.2054.

Please know that the faculty and staff of the College of Education and Human Services are working hard to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on our students. It is important to us that you are able to move forward toward your goal of becoming a teacher without undue disruption. Please stay safe. Together, we will navigate past these unforeseen obstacles.

Located in 2101 Alexander Hall, Teacher Education Services (TES) is responsible for the coordination of all admission to teacher education and student teaching processes, for the review of initial and advanced teacher certification applications, and the support of various College of Education and Human Services data processing functions. Through Teacher Education Services, the College of Education and Human Services provides all students enrolled in teacher education programs with a wide variety of field and practicum experiences in regular public school classrooms, including all required pre-student teaching field experiences and student teaching. 

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