Audit and Component Sheets

Documentation of 200 or more clock hours of field experiences and components must be submitted to Teacher Education Services. These hours will be verified prior to admission to student teaching. (160 KAR 5:040)  Students are required to obtain a login to the Kentucky Educator Credentialing System (KECS). See Field Notes for Teacher Candidates for directions on how to obtain login credentials for KECS. Once a login has been secured, students will enter their field experiences using Kentucky Field Experience Tracking System (KFETS). It is recommended that students enter field experiences each day as they occur. The KFETS Hours Summary is submitted as part of the Student Teaching Application.

Students, it is your responsibility to keep a copy of documentation supporting the completion of Components and Field Experience hours. You will be required to submit an In-Progess Audit and Component Sheet after attending a Student Teaching Orientation. You will also submit a Completed Audit and Component Sheet to Teacher Education Services one semester prior to your Student Teaching semester.  

Field Hours Charts:

The Field Hours Charts are comprehensive documents that list the number of field hours and specific components completed in courses.

PRIOR TO FALL 2012 THROUGH SPRING 2015 Field Hours Chart



Audit and Component Sheets:

Audit and Component Sheets are introduced during the admission to teacher education orientation. We encourage you to start filling out your audit sheet in your first course with field placements. You will submit an In-Progress Audit and Component Sheet (Supplemental Item #4) after attending an admission to student teaching orientation. You will continue filling out your In-Progress form until you have listed all placements for the courses on the form. Hence, it becomes the Completed Audit and Component Sheet, which will be submitted as Supplemental Item #15 the semester before you begin student teaching.

NOTE: The format and process for Audit and Component Sheets changed as of November 2021. If you have previously started an audit and component sheet, you are not required to use the new Google Sheet option. However, you are welcome to use the Google Sheet option if you prefer it.

Most majors have two options. Clicking on the Google Sheet option will ask if you want to make a copy. Click the "Make a copy" button. Save the file as your last name, first name, M# AC. Example: Teach, Ivana M00000000 AC

  • Look over the courses:

    • If the majority of the courses do not match your coursework, go back, select your major and choose the Transition option, which is a printable PDF form you will need to fill out by hand. Do not fill it out on your computer even if you have software capable of doing so.

    • If only a few courses on the Google Sheet are different, you may continue to use the online form and simply type the course equivalency you completed. Make sure to also change the required hours to what was required of your course.


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