Health and Physical Education Program

If your desire is to help people of all ages become confident, skillful, physically active movers for a lifetime, you might consider a degree in health and physical education. It can be very rewarding to help diverse individuals become healthy and physically active for a lifetime. Our health and physical education undergraduate program prepares graduates for careers in health and physical education related fields, including teaching, parks and recreation, YMCAs, non-profits, coaching, fitness and wellness, and many more. 

HPE Goals and Objectives

In alignment with the College of Education of Human Services Mission Statement, the HPE program has the following overarching goals:

  1. To provide students with high quality, innovative, and culturally relevant instruction, from expert faculty.
  2. To provide students with "hands on" learning opportunities, including community and school-based experiential learning opportunities, as a direct result of professional relationships with stakeholders. 
  3. To develop, maintain, and improve students’ abilities to use technology innovatively, becoming active producers of quality content that can be adapted to their future career settings. 
  4. To engage students in a community where they are supported, and thus able to experience a sense of belonging.
  5. To develop students’ abilities to think critically and demonstrate professionalism via opportunities for membership in professional organizations, participation in professional development, involvement in research, and through networking opportunities.

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health and Physical Education

Undergraduate students in the health and physical education certification program complete programs of study in three general areas. After you have completed the Murray State University's required University Studies Program, you will complete the professional education courses sequence. Finally, you must complete content specific requirements in the health and physical education area. For certification, you must earn a passing score on three Praxis II exams plus the PLT Exam. Students must meet the Murray State requirements for University Studies Program as well the requirements for admission to teacher education.

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Dr. Kelly Rogers

Health and Physical Education Program Coordinator
Adolescent, Career and Special Education

Dr. Kim Vigil

Health and Physical Education Program Coordinator
Adolescent, Career and Special Education


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