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If your goal is to become a secondary teacher, you will have an opportunity to touch many lives throughout your career. The effect you will have is far reaching. You can choose from three certification levels: grades 8-12, 5-12, and P-12. These programs will prepare you in the specified grade ranges in curriculum content areas. You will take approximately 120-142 hours, including University Studies courses, professional education courses, and subject-matter content majors or areas. Once enrolled in one of the programs, you will focus on coursework in the content areas as well as teaching methods appropriate for the subject matter and the age level of the students. Coursework and practicum experiences (field-based learning activities) will provide access to current best practices and research in the appropriate areas. Your culminating experience is a semester-long student teaching experience in the appropriate content area in a public school. In all of these programs, you will have dual advisors: a faculty member in the subject-matter department and one in the Adolescent, Career, and Special Education Department.  

Career Outlook: According to the U.S. Department of Labor, job prospects are best for teachers in high-demand fields, such as mathematics, science, and bilingual education, and locations in urban or rural school districts. Teachers who are geographically mobile and who obtain licensure in more than one subject are likely to have a distinct advantage in finding a job. 

Secondary Programs for various grade level certifications:
Grades 8-12:
Biological Science
Earth and Space Science
Social Studies
Political Science

Grades 5-12:

Career & Technical Education:
Business & Marketing
Family and Consumer Science
Industrial Education
Engineering/Technology Education

Grades P-12:
Health & Physical Education
Integrated Music
Modern Languages (French, German, Spanish)

Master of Arts in Education, Teacher Leader Program in Secondary Education: If you want to assume a leadership role within your school but you do not necessarily wish to become an administrator, the Master of Arts in Education, Teacher Leader Program is for you. Upon completion of the 30-hour program, you will earn a Rank II and Teacher Leader Master’s designation as well as the Teacher Leader Endorsement. All certifications are required to take 15 hours of core courses in addition to the 15-18 hours of required for a specialization or endorsement. For more detailed information regarding the Teacher Leader Master’s Degree Program, please speak to your advisor.


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