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 SakranL. Sakran

I am a psychology and criminal justice double major expected to graduate in December 2017. I have been involved with the criminal justice program since my second semester at Murray State University. After taking the introductory class with Dr. Hancock, I fell in love with the department and declared it as my minor. After a few semesters, I had almost completed my minor requirements but was reluctant to leave the department, so I made criminal justice my second major. Throughout my time in the department, I have been able to build relationships with the wonderful professors as well as take classes covering a variety of topics. Aside from the academics, I became involved in the Criminal Justice Society, where I am currently an officer. Through this society, I have developed a closer relationship with other criminal justice students and the professors. Our criminal justice program has exposed me to many different opportunities within the field and helped me get an internship with the Illinois State Police. I am currently in the process of applying to graduate schools to pursue a Ph.D in forensic psychology. This career will allow me to work as a psychologist in the criminal justice system and I could not be more excited to pursue my passion!  


B. Palmer

I am a criminal justice major expecting to graduate in May 2018. I came to Murray State as a criminal justice major and have never regretted it or considered changing it. After nearly four years in the program, I have built close relationships with each of the professors in addition to several of the other criminal justice students. The criminal justice classes I have taken have been consistently among my favorites every semester, and I feel as though I have learned something worthwhile in every one. I am currently the president of the Criminal Justice Society, our student organization. As president, I have been able to bring in several guest speakers for the organization and build my professional network. This network and the professors in the program helped me get an internship at the Paducah Police Department, which offered an invaluable firsthand look at the realities of policing and strengthened my desire to become an officer even more. I am currently looking for jobs as a police officer with several different departments and hope to one day work my way to being a detective.


A. Mills

I attended Murray State University for three years, completing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in psychology in fall of 2015. During my time at Murray State, I interned with the ATF and Ocean City Police Department in Ocean City, MD. These internships gave me a look at real world experiences both on the federal and local law enforcement levels. I also worked with Murray State Police Department as a member of Racer Patrol and was the vice president of the Criminal Justice Society and helped put together a mock crime scene my senior year. Immediately after graduating from Murray State, I accepted the position of Police Recruit with Louisville Metro Police Department. I am now currently a Police Officer with LMPD and have been working to make my community a safer place for over a year now, despite the recent backlash and national uproar over police techniques. Murray State has helped prepare me for different types of experiences and reactions that people can have and how we should deal with them in a positive light. Murray State is a melting pot of different backgrounds and ideas and the Criminal Justice department is no different. There is no doubt that Murray State and the CRJ department will prepare you for whatever area of law enforcement or corrections you choose.


N. Edison

I attended Murray State University for four years, completing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in recreation and leisure services in spring of 2012. During my time at Murray State, I secured a summer internship with U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations, which I participated in for two summers, gaining credit for my major at the same time. This internship gives students the opportunity to accept a full-time, permanent position with the U.S. Forest Service upon successful completion of both summers. After leaving Murray State, I completed the Land Management Police Training program and graduated from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in December of 2012. I am currently a federal law enforcement officer with the U.S. Forest Service based in Northern Colorado.

 AluminiA. Steele

I graduated from Murray State University in 2012 with a major in criminal justice and a minor in legal studies. During my time at Murray State, the faculty in the criminal justice department fostered my desire to pursue a career in academia. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2014 with a master's degree in criminal justice. I am currently a second-year doctoral student in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Southern Illinois University (Carbondale), where I am honing my research and teaching skills. Although I consider myself to be somewhat of a generalist, my primary research interests include biosocial criminology, environmental criminology, and life-course criminology, especially as they pertain to desistance from crime and community reintegration of offenders.


 R. Hudson

I began my educational career at Murray State University in the fall of 2010. I majored in criminal justice and minored in sociology. While at Murray State, I had the privilege to be a part of the Lambda Alpha Epsilon fraternity (Criminal Justice Organization). In the summer of 2012, I completed an internship with the Paducah Police Department in Paducah, KY. I graduated in the spring of 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree (criminal justice/sociology). On February 26, 2015, I began my career with the Paducah Police Department. Currently, I attended the Basic Training Academy at the Department of Criminal Justice Training (Richmond, KY) and graduated on September 4, 2015. Upon graduation, I began a 16-week PTO (police training) program and received a recommendation from the Board of Evaluators (BOE) to the Chief of Police.


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