Student Outcome Data

Student Achievement Data
Residential Master of Science (MS) Program in Speech Language Pathology

All data is kept electronically in a secure drive for faculty and staff to access and reference as needed. During the annual data retreat, typically held in August, faculty and staff spend significant time reviewing, analyzing and discussing data to drive discussions and review of program performance. Students are asked to submit Praxis scores to Murray State as well as complete several exit surveys to provide feedback about the program and information about employment. Strengths, weaknesses and trends are addressed and decisions for programmatic modifications or areas of focus are supported by programmatic data including student outcomes and student feedback. 

On-Time Program Completion Rates

Period # Completed within Expected time frame % completed within expected time frame
2023-2024 22/23 95.65%
2022-2023 23/24 95.83%
2021-2022 31/31 100%

Three year program completion average: 95.65%

 Praxis Pass Rates

Reporting Period # Taking the Exam # Passed Exam % Passed Exam Rate
2023-2024 26 24 92%
2022-2023 25 20 80%
2021-2022 29 26 89.65%

Three year Praxis pass rate average: 87.22%

Employment Rates of Graduates

Reporting Period Employment Rate in Profession
  # of Graduates from prior year % of Graduates from prior year
2020 - 2021 30/30 100
2019 - 2020 33/33 100
2018 - 2019 32/32 100

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