Master of Science (MS) in Speech-Language Pathology

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The graduate program at Murray State University is a five-semester program for full-time students. Graduate students begin the program in the fall and take coursework each semester, including summer. Graduate students participate in traditional lecture and seminar courses as well as clinical practicum. Graduate students are expected to be present on the Murray, KY campus for the first four semesters. Clinical placements in the final Spring semester can be arranged for different locations when possible. Graduate students who would like to arrange clinic placements for another region are responsible for working with the Clinic Director to identify those placements and make arrangements. Academic coursework is delivered primarily in face-to-face settings, but some coursework is delivered via a video conferencing platform such as Zoom.

Each aspect of graduate study is considered integral to students attaining and demonstrating knowledge and skills required in professional settings. Graduate students participate in a wide variety of assessment and treatment experiences in the Murray State Speech and Hearing Clinic, hospitals, schools, rehabilitation, skilled nursing and other facilities holding affiliation agreements with the program. Students are required to enroll in clinical practicum each semester of their graduate enrollment. Graduate students may choose to complete a thesis track or non-thesis track. Students on the non-thesis track are required to complete comprehensive exams during their second year.

Graduate study in speech-language pathology at Murray State University requires much more than an accumulation of academic and practicum hours. A graduate program requires significant commitment on the part of students and faculty. Graduate study is not merely a continuation of undergraduate work. At the graduate level, the student is expected to develop independent learning, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Graduate courses are aimed at directing the student's learning, exploration of the discipline‘s literature and development of the knowledge and clinical skills necessary for professional competence. Learning outcomes will be assessed across the program of studies to document the student's completion of entry level academic and clinical standards specified by the Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Graduate students studying speech-language pathology must also demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and ethical principles in meeting their responsibilities to their clients by adhering to the principles and rules in the practice of the Code of Ethics of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.


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