Mission Statement

The Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology at Murray State University is committed to the development of exemplary professionals in speech-language pathology to serve the needs of Western Kentucky, the Jackson Purchase, Kentucky, and the national and global communities. The Division of Communication Disorders recognizes that communication binds individuals and peoples to a language, culture and place within the human family. Students are prepared to respond successfully to the challenges of cultural and linguistic diversity as good citizens and as good professionals in a multicultural society. The Graduate Program seeks to meet its commitment through a threefold mission of teaching, service and research.


The teaching mission is delivered through a rich curriculum grounded in current knowledge, theory and research for application to habilitation of individuals with a broad spectrum of communication disorders across the life span. Furthermore, graduate teaching is designed to facilitate a sequential and interactive progression of learning and continuous assessment for life-long learning and a commitment to professional development. The clinical teaching mission is presented in diverse treatment environments that serve children and adults utilizing a variety of treatment paradigms. Clinical teaching within the Division is designed to facilitate transfer of academic and classroom outcomes to clinical application. Furthermore, clinical teaching is provided in a model that adheres to the guiding principles of the Code of Ethics and the credentialing requirements of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and to the accrediting body of the professions of audiology and speech pathology. Both classroom and clinical teaching encourage student-centered learning.


The service mission recognizes a commitment to the University’s role and responsibility of service to the western Kentucky community. Exemplary models of clinical intervention for individuals with communication disorders are provided in a variety of programs of the Division. The Speech and Hearing Clinic of the Division enhances and complements available services to the local and surrounding communities in a number of settings. In addition to assessment and intervention services at the Clinic, consultation, service contracts and special support service programs are provided in area schools, hospitals and other rehabilitation facilities. These service programs represent models of best practice, as specified by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. The Division promotes and supports the professional development of regional professionals through individual consultations and continuing education programs.


The primary focus of the research mission is directed toward solutions to problems and development of knowledge in communication disorders that are important to the region, state and nation. Research also adds to the knowledge base for the Department’s and University’s outreach programs. Research enhances the instructional and clinical education programs through student involvement and the renewal of faculty. Emphasis is given to areas of strength and potential for further recognized excellence.

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