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Requirements for Transferring into Murray State University’s Department of Global Languages and Theatre Arts

KCTCS Students and Transfer Students from Other Institutions:

For best results, all KCTCS transfer students and transfer students from other institutions to Murray State University should contact the Department of Global Languages and Theatre Arts Chair during their first year of college, no matter where they are enrolled, to arrange an advising conference. This is the only way to assure, in advance, that transfer credits meet the requirements of the department. Failing to do so will likely result in transfer students having to complete more than 120 total credit hours and more than four semesters to earn their Murray State University degree.  

All Murray State students must choose a minor or second major. If a student knows what his/her minor or second major will be before moving to Murray State, he/she should complete any foundation, co-requisite or other requirements in that subject before they transfer. A student who moves to Murray State and must complete the required hours for a minor or second major will generally need more than four semesters to complete the degree in Theatre.

All students must complete the Murray State University requirements for University Studies, 42 hours of classes at the 300, 400 or 500 level, at least 120 total hours and maintain a 2.0 GPA overall and in their major and minor. Please note that the Department of Global Languages and Theatre Arts G.P.A. requirement may be higher than the University requirement. Students are held to the highest G.P.A. standard.

Transfer students should check with the Murray State University Transfer Center or call at 270.809.3350, or the Department Chair for Theatre transfer credit equivalency. Contact the Department Chair at, or call at 270.809.4637.  

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