Placement Policy

All incoming students enrolling in a foreign language class at Murray State who have had prior experience in that language, are required to take a placement exam to determine at which level  they should begin (102, 201, 202, 301, etc.).  This includes native and heritage speakers of the desired language. The Placement tests in French, German, and Spanish are available on the Web and may be taken at any time convenient to the student. It takes 10-20 minutes and costs $ 10. See the link below.  At this time, online Placement tests are unavailable for Japanese and Chinese.  For Placement tests in Japanese, please contact Yoko Hatakeyama, M.A. at  For Placement tests in Chinese, please contact Dr. Jie Wu at

The score will be sent automatically to the student and to Murray State. On the basis of the score earned, the student can be placed at the appropriate language level. If you score, for example, into the 3rd semester of the language (201), enroll in the course and complete it with a final grade of "A" or "B," the student may receive credit for the two prior courses (101 and 102), thus saving time and college tuition money. The student may earn up to a maximum of 12 credit hours by claiming challenge credits on MyGate.

It is important that the student enroll in the designated course as soon as possible upon entering Murray State in order to capitalize on language skills. Placement Exam scores are good for one year from the date the student takes the exam. After one year, the student will need to retake the exam before enrolling in a language class. For answers to frequently asked questions regarding placement exams, please see the WebCAPE FAQ. You may also contact the Department of Global Languages and Theatre Arts at

Accessing Web-based Computerized Adaptive Placement Exams

To access the online exams:

  1. Point your browser to
  2. Login using the password: racers1
  3. Select your language from the drop down menu and press the "Begin" button.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the placement exam.

How to Interpret Your Placement Score

Your score will automatically be sent to Murray State within a few minutes of completing the exam. If you wish, you may save, print, or email the report page displayed at the end of the exam.

You can interpret your score by looking at the following score equivalences. For example, if your score on the French test was 278, you should enroll in FRE 102.


  • 0-249 (French 101)
  • 250-310 (French 102)
  • 311-364 (French 201)
  • 365-399 (French 202)
  • 400 and above (French 301 or 331)


  • 0-249 (German 101)
  • 250-310 (German 102)
  • 311-364 (German 201)
  • 365-399 (German 202)
  • 400 and above (German 301 or 331)


  • 0-249 (Spanish 101)
  • 250-345 (Spanish 102)
  • 346-390 (Spanish 201)
  • 391-429 (Spanish 202)
  • 430 and above (Spanish 301 or 302)