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Online Language Classes

Are you a student or adult learner who prefers flexible online language learning? Are you looking for a few more credits in Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese to bring you closer to graduation or completing a major or minor? Our department is expanding our distance learning courses to give you more options.

Fall 2022 Online Classes:

  • POR 101—Fundamental Communication in Portuguese
  • POR 102—Social Interactions in Portuguese
  • POR 201—Intercultural Communication in Portuguese
  • POR 202—Practical Applications in Portuguese
  • POR 301—Conversation and Composition in Portuguese
  • SPA 101—Fundamental Communication in Spanish
  • SPA 102—Social Interactions in Spanish
  • SPA 201—Intercultural Communications in Spanish
  • SPA 202—Practical Applications in Spanish
  • SPA 301—Conversation and Composition I

Fully online Spanish and Portuguese Certificate programs are now available, in order to help adult learners, professionals, and students improve their language skills and acquire a valuable credential.

For up-to-date information about our online Portuguese courses, contact Robert (Moses) Fritz ( For information about our other online programs, contact Brent Menchinger ( or Tanya Romero González ( For CRNs and more detailed schedule information, check the Murray State class schedule.

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