Global Languages Showcase

The Murray State University Global Languages Showcase is an annual, regional festival for language students of all levels to participate in fun, creative events representing a variety of languages and cultures. An outreach effort by the Murray State Department of Global Languages and Theatre Arts, the Showcase fosters connections among area language teachers and rewards and encourages students as they pursue the study of languages and cultures. Among the languages represented are Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.


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More Information

All middle and high school students enrolled in a language class during the current academic year are welcome to participate.

A maximum of three students per teacher may enter the varsity-level individual project competition, which will be evaluated by MSU faculty. Projects may be art, models, costumes or videos inspired by the target culture and will be on display and accessible to the public during the showcase. 

  • Projects will be original work by the student (no kits) and be completed during the current school year.
  • Projects will be judged primarily on knowledge of the target language and culture, but also on originality, creativity and overall quality and workmanship.
  • Participants will provide a brief written and oral description and interact with the judge about the historical context and/or cultural relevance of the project, all in the target language at the appropriate proficiency level.
  • Videos will not exceed three minutes. Students will bring their own equipment, including external speakers for laptops, and will check all equipment to ensure everything works properly beforehand.
  • For projects related to cuisine/cooking, no actual food is allowed due to potential health/safety concerns.
  • Heritage Speakers are students who are regularly exposed to a language other than English at home. They may compete in the varsity event.
  • Exchange Students (defined here as students from another country temporarily attending school in the U.S.) may not compete in the varsity event in their native language, but if they are students of a different language, they may compete in their language of study.
  • The registration fee is now only $5 per student. Make checks payable to Murray State University and send them to Department of Global Languages, 4A Faculty Hall, Murray State University, Murray KY 42071
  • For information about our "no student left behind" policy, contact Stephanie Peck at or  270.809.2501.
  • Elementary school students are welcome to observe free of charge; please let us know how many will be attending.
  • Submit completed Registration Forms via email to Martin Kane

Travel Vouchers in the amount of $100 each are available to help with travel expenses. Send your request and a purchase order from your school’s central accounting office to Stephanie Peck at or 270.809.2501. Schools outside of Calloway Co. have priority; otherwise, first come, first served.

Lunch and Campus Tour

At the conclusion of the Showcase, you and your students are welcome to stay and have lunch in the Curris Center – at the Thoroughbred Café on the second floor or Chick-Fil-A on the first floor – at Winslow Cafeteria (in the residential college circle), or at Einstein Bros. Bagels in the Waterfield Library before returning home. All offer a variety of a la carte options.

You are also invited to schedule a campus tour for your students with the Murray State Office of Recruitment by calling 800.272.4678

If you plan to stay for lunch and/or a campus tour, please let us know by contacting Stephanie Peck at or 270.809.2501.

Previous Winners

2019 Varsity Winners

  • 1st Place Intermediate Spanish
    Hannah Funkhouse, Madisonville North Hopkins High School
  • 2nd Place Intermediate Spanish
    Hannah Mabry, Community Christian Academy
  • 3rd Place Intermediate Spanish
    Eden Cunningham, Murray Home School

2018 Varsity Winners

  • 1st Place Intermediate French:
    Jaret Rushing, Henry County High School
  • 1st Place Intermediate Spanish:
    Matthew Johnston, SC Murray Homeschool
  • 2nd Place Intermediate Spanish:
    Haley Brotherton, Madisonville-North Hopkins High School
  • 3rd Place Intermediate Spanish:
    Jaden Estes, Community Christian Academy

2017 Varsity Winners:

  • 1st Place Intermediate Spanish:
    Avery Thompson, Murray High School
  • 2nd Place Intermediate Spanish:
    Emily Drew, Murray High School
  • 3rd Place Intermediate Spanish
    Jung-Woo Hong, Murray High School
  • 1st Place Advanced Spanish
    Ashtin McKinney, Murray High School

2016 Varsity Winners:

  • 1st Place Intermediate Group French:
    A. Littlebrant, C. Key and C. Cooper, Murray High School
  • 1st Place Intermediate Individual French:
    Chloe Jones, Calloway County High School
  • 1st Place Intermediate Group Spanish:
    Jacob Paluso and Jung-Woo Hong, Murray High School
  • 1st Place Advanced Group Spanish:
    Ian Smith and Mathai Karanja, Murray High School
  • 2nd Place Advanced Group Spanish:
    Samuel Morgan and Gustavo Leon, Murray High School
  • 1st Place Intermediate Individual Spanish:
    Preston Baggett, Fulton County High School
  • 2nd Place Intermediate Individual Spanish:
    Nathan Ward, Ms. Beck’s Spanish Course
  • 3rd Place Intermediate Individual Spanish:
    Avery Thompson, Murray High School
  • 1st Place Advanced Individual Spanish:
    Megan M. Wilson, Murray High School

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