Daniel Wann

My research program centers on the psychology of sport fandom. In particular, I am interested in the causes and consequences of sport team identification (i.e., the extent to which a fan feels a psychological connection to a team). Currently, I am investigating the following topics as they relate to team identification: fan/spectator aggression, the psychological well-being of fans, the strategies used by fans to cope with their team’s poor performance, behavioral loyalty (e.g., attendance), fan superstitions, and the socialization of sport fans.

In addition to the research listed in my vitae, here are some examples of recent student research projects and theses that I have directed:

  • A Courtside View of Fan Influence

  • Is There Really No Crying in Baseball? Examining the Acceptance of Crying in Sport

  • The Relationship between the Dark Triad and Dysfunctional Sport Fandom

  • Feelings Suck and So Does Your Team: Exploring the Link Between Restrictive Emotionality and Dysfunctional Fandom



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